drive failure

SSD Solid State Drive Description: solid state drive SSD (Solid State Disk, IDE FLASH DISK, Serial ATA Flash Disk) by the control unit and storage unit (FLASH chip), with simple, that is to use solid state electronic memory chip arrays made of hard drive (currently a maximum capacity of 1.6TB), solid-state hard drive interface specification and definition, function and use an ordinary hard drive with exactly the same.

Shape and size of product is also fully consistent with the normal hard drive, including 3.5 “, 2.5″, 1.8 “various types due to solid-state hard disk is not an ordinary hard drive media rotation, and thus excellent shock resistance,circuit structure
and wide operating temperature, extended temperature electronic drives can work in -45 ℃ ~ +85 ℃. widely used in military, automotive, industrial control, video surveillance, network monitoring, network terminals, power, medical, aviation, navigation equipment and other fields.

According to Xing Qing authorities say it: hard drive failure before will have the following performance: 1. Prompted the SMART failure. This is a built-in hard disk drive manufacturers themselves in the automatic detection function at work, this occurs computer hard disk (15) prompt indicates that your potential physical drive failure, soon there will not work from time to time running. 2. Crashes in the Windows initialization.

This situation is more complex problems should first rule out the possibility of other components such as memory, poor quality,TWIST IS”
the fan stops overheat or damage caused by viruses, etc., and finally if it is determined if the hard disk failure, and then dealt with separately. 3. Can enter the Windows system, but run the program error, but also can not run a disk scan, the scan time is often slow and stagnant or even crash.

This phenomenon may be the problem disk, Windows may be constant, daily soft fault, if you exclude the software set up the possibility of problems, you can certainly have the physical failure of hard disk. 4. Able to enter Windows, run the ScanDisk found errors or bad sectors directly, I do not say this, Windows will be detailed inspection procedures of reporting. 5. Suddenly in the BIOS can not recognize the hard disk, or even to identify, with the operating system can not find the hard drive, this is the most serious failure.

1 reading and writing process and avoid large power drives are 5400 RPM and 7200 RPM, SCSI hard drives at 10,000 to 15,000 more turn,conversion efficiency during read and write, the entire disc in a high-speed rotation state, if the power suddenly cut off, head and the disc will make violent friction, leading to even damage the hard disk bad sectors, but also often result in loss of data streams. So off, be sure to pay attention to the chassis panel is not on the hard disk light is flashing, that is hard to read and write operations have completed before you can turn off the computer in accordance with normal procedures. Hard disk light is flashing, must not cut off the power.

If the mobile hard disk, remove the hardware security implementation best first, only after successful pull. 2 hard to maintain a good working environment for higher demands on the environment, and sometimes severe dust or air humidity, can cause short circuit or interface oxidation of electronic components, causing instability or damage to the hard drive performance.

3 is very hard to prevent shock by sophisticated storage devices read and write operations, the head floating surface of the disc height of only a few microns; does not work even when the head is in contact with the disc. Hard at work, in the event of a large shock, it is likely to cause head and data relative to the impact area, resulting in damage or scratch the disc information area disk, lost disk file data stored within.

So, at work or shut down until after the spindle motor has not stopped, do not move the computer or mobile hard disk, so as not to have hit the head and disc platter scratches the surface of the magnetosphere. In addition, the hard drive installation, demolition process must take extra care to prevent excessive shaking or violent collision with the iron chassis.

4 to reduce frequent long-running operation if a program (such as large-scale software or play games), or other long-term use BT to download software, then we should pay attention, this will be a long head with a hard disk read and write position frequently (ie program where the sector), leaving the hard disk have bad sectors.

In addition, if prolonged use of an operating system, but also make the hard disk sectors where the system files (not move) in long-term reading state, thus speeding up the rate of damage to the sector. Of course, it is best to install two or more alternate operating system in order to avoid the hard disk read and write to a sector long term operation.

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