unceasing expansion

The economic globalization causes each kind of element of production and the resources globally flows, the disposition and the reorganization, the internal division of labor which the enterprise produces also unceasingly toward crosswise and the longitudinal expansion for the global division of labor. Now, the emerging LED display monitor profession also already obviously displayed this tendency to come out, but industry in still spread should do about the enterprise should extend specially the industrial chain to create a clamor the sound.

In recent years,game’s characteristic
domestic many had the certain scale led display monitor enterprise not only to limit to produced can the unceasing expansion, but started to step in middle and upper reaches the industrial chain’s component seal on own initiative, even invested the chip, the extension domain. Yao believed peacefully that now the LED display monitor profession resources are in the global scale dispose, the industrial chain division of labor is day by day obvious, will step in the industrial chain in many ways to have too many problems to tackle unavoidably blindly, to the enterprise not necessarily is the good deed.

He said that the association constructs is makes the high-end display monitor product, the reason that the present did not have to make the seal,lamp’s combination
has the technological strength, but how places the core attention spot to complete above the demonstration effect, but completes the component. Although the recent years, the domestic LED component seal level had the unprecedented promotion, but the foreign product still had certain disparity in the performance, at present the higher order display monitor needs to use the import component or the domestic apex component.

The antithetical couplet constructs says, the overseas component purchases directly, but uses according to the customer demand that part of domestic products may make the buying pattern the innovation, for example chooses Taiwan, the home best factory for its generation of labor,possibility reduction
even invests opposite party factory, regarding the product special request, proposed, can also satisfy. Makes the seal initiative as for display monitor enterprise to be able the big spot, is more nimble to the delivery date assurance some.

Yao thought peacefully this is an erroneous zone, “first, demonstrated that the profession the component is not out of stock; Next, if you do must result in the question which the consideration can be able to complete. Now the industrial chain division of labor is that thin, you complete this, but must complete that some quite to be on the other hand difficult. For instance, NICHIA and CREE almost only sell the lamp, does not sell the chip, oneself seal with other chips cannot achieve others’ performance.”

The Tsinghua University, the Jiangsu North Pole sky science and technology Limited company on August 20 holds LED grandly in the Jiangsu Yixing economic development zone the R&D center 塈 high efficiency high luminance LED chip project cornerstone-laying ceremony. This item will have the proprietary intellectual property rights high efficiency semiconductor illumination by our country (LED) to produce the project first period plan to complete in next May and to go into production.

The Jiangsu North Pole sky science and technology Limited company is an emerging privately operated comprehensive nature High-tech enterprise, she depends on the Jiangsu Yixing economic development zone East China photoelectron Industrial base, uses the Tsinghua University and the company core technologies team’s LED innovation and the invention, devotes in the photoelectron industry, 哮喘 key making high efficiency high luminance LED chip project.

According to the Tsinghua University and the Jiangsu North Pole sky signs “LED Patented technology Transfer And Long-term Cooperative agreement”, the Tsinghua University not only has transferred two close international advanced level LED patented technologies to the North Pole sky, moreover also for a long time provides the production, the research and development and the training of manpower support to the North Pole sky.

Project investment construction side Jiangsu North Pole sky science and technology Limited company’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Sun Runguang told the reporters, has in the North Pole sky in the LED patented technology, some item of LED patent is produces the blue color light emitter diode on the yellow illumination substrate to realize the white light lighting techniques, is different in the traditional white light technology, broke through for the first time overseas in this domain to China’s patented technology monopoly.

The Jiangsu North Pole sky has ability to have the confidence puts in the Tsinghua University and the technical core team in the semiconductor electro-optic domain advanced scientific and technical payoffs transformation for the productive forces the market, white hits the Jiangsu North Pole the day to make diligently has the international advanced level LED industry chain Upstream Enterprise.

The Jiangsu North Pole sky high efficiency high luminance LED chip project’s operation construction, obtained Local government’s full affirmation and supports vigorously. Wuxi Municipal party committee member, Yixing municipal party committee Secretary Jiang to pointed out loudly and clearly at the project foundation laying ceremony that the North Pole sky and the Tsinghua University builds the LED R&D center hand in hand, on the new high efficiency high luminance LED chip project, has manifested the cooperation both sides foresight, the mettle and the wisdom fully.

The Yixing municipal party committee, the municipal government will spare no effort to support the North Pole sky the growth and the development. He hoped that the North Pole sky leaves steadfastly only then gathers, road of the innovation actuation, seizes the technical high ground rapidly, the expanded industry scale, the construction sends the superiority first, makes the North Pole sky has the core competitiveness to command troops the enterprise.

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