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The construction energy conservation is one which of basic state policies China develops. The housing and the city and countryside ministry of construction “about Development Energy conservation Province Housing And Public building’s Instruction Opinion” is without doubt blows to the construction curtain wall profession spring breeze, it expedites childbirth unceasingly suits the construction curtain wall profession development the new technology and the new product, the promotion new curtain wall material industry development.

In fact, “Public building Energy conservation Design standard” the GB50189 implementation, already set a higher request for the construction curtain wall profession, thus impels the Chinese building curtain wall profession the technology advancement.

Many new building material’s use, enhanced the construction curtain wall energy conservation target, expanded the construction curtain wall use scope, increased the construction curtain wall connotation and the extension greatly, causes the curtain wall to evolve into the structure by the original sole wall to be novel, facing material sharp new multi-purpose construction structure.table pastes
These product application, both can satisfy the construction outward appearance and to be able to satisfy the construction energy conservation request, has broken a lot of year plain concrete wall, the brick wall, the ceramic tile old face completely, without doubt is constructs the profession a revolution.

Did not take seriously the hardware fitting, to reduce the windows and doors curtain wall reliability and the security, the immediate influence windows and doors curtain wall’s quality, brought the hidden danger to the personal safety, must therefore take the hardware fitting’s security specially.

To the hardware fitting security understanding insufficiency, in 1999 Xiamen 15 level of typhoons, over ten thousand trees are blown down, the telephone pole, the tower crane is blown down, more than 20 glass curtain walls and the aluminum window have not been blown break down,landscape illumination
many window sashes not firm are blown because of the hardware fitting fall. Around the window sash has clevis pin’s multi-spot lock, has not blown down.

The windows and doors curtain wall hardware fitting backwardness aspect has existed many years, probably the hygienic sanitary equipment is the same, knew backwardness is cannot solve, this was any question, mainly to fitting’s important understanding insufficiency, displayed in: Is very low to the hardware surface cosmetic request, this is affects the development a factor. Does not take the hardware fitting’s cosmetic, the hardware fitting is a windows and doors curtain wall whole part, outward appearance US is a windows and doors curtain wall important request part. Some people thought that the hardware fitting can use the line,domain expansion
the artistic request difference, the common window blind low-cost crescent moon locks many, the high and low clevis pin window locks many.

For uses the functionality understanding insufficiency, our country windows and doors window blind’s hardware fitting several year invariable recent development, the market has not had any enterprise to buy anything, the important project majority of use high quota’s import hardware fitting, overseas has the enterprise to study each type hardware fitting specially, therefore the different variety, the different performance’s hardware fitting emerges one after another incessantly, our lock is two lock spots generally, overseas produces the multi-spot lock, divides into three spots, four spots, six spot locks,hotel interior design the hardware fitting may improve the windows and doors function, may manufacture the automobile equally to be likely slippery pulls the folding gate the hardware fitting, because has the upscale multi-purpose fitting to be able to have the multi-purpose windows and doors.

Must establish a hardware factory to want the great investment newly, whether and does the overseas factory gather does, the joint capital in domestic runs factory together, domestic some ordnance aviation distribution depot, because line of business immovable property quantity cannot eat to the full too small, may invest the advanced idle equipment the upscale hardware production to not have the question. In brief, must change the windows and doors hardware fitting backward phenomenon as soon as possible. The domestic several big some fame’s hardware distribution depot equipment is old, is not advanced, the factory scale is small, manages the difference, many are the Rural enterprise, has not been separated from the manual workshop.

To the windows and doors curtain wall’s hardware fitting benefit understanding insufficiency, windows and doors curtain wall hardware fitting everybody acknowledges backwardness, but why does nobody develop, some people believed that the hardware fitting profit is too thin, is not worth investing, moreover invests too few also cannot complete the hardware, therefore for many years nobody has had the big investment, the hardware fitting dependence overseas aspect has also extended down.

The same scale with the horizontal hardware fitting, many which must lower compared to the overseas cost, the entire benefit is not big, but is considerable. The hardware fitting, the low scale’s window blind profit is not high, but the high scale’s profit is not thin, we have studied, the overseas hardware fitting profit accounts for the overseas cost 20%~30% (including import duty) the new short line hardware fitting profit not to be high.

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