renovate constructs

Not only the batch wipes the ceramic tile cementing agent on the old ceramic tile, must wipe the cementing agent thinly at the back of the new ceramic tile.technical department
Case: Reader young Le wants to renovate constructs joyful park plot Lao Fang, this preparation is the parents has lived as the marriage room’s old home, the ceramic tile maintenance is good, only needs to clean up the greasy dirt simply then. But young Le, for with family in overall style appropriate match, wants to brush a green on the kitchen wall to imitate the cloth coating the wall.

Therefore she hoped that does not demolish the old ceramic tile and the mosaic, but may carry on the wall surface with the coating to renovate fast. Kibitzing: Coates the coating on the old ceramic tile or the mosaic, has a higher request to the wall surface smoothness and the putty level.

Must first the mosaic face brick surface finishing agent watering agitation, divide two time even batch to wipe in the old ceramic tile basic unit. Reporter saw that this kind of mosaic face brick surface finishing agent looked resembles is similar with the tradition cement mortar, but is actually and so on inorganic gelled material increase high polymer is made by the cementdifficult choice
, approves wipes in the old ceramic tile or the mosaic surface, after dry and hard, then may carry on the new ceramic tile shop to paste or the coating construction.

In the implementation also needs to carry on the inspection, patching to the old wall surface, cleanly, the use mosaic face brick surface finishing agent divides two time even batch to wipe, after generally 48 hour finishing agent dry and hard, on the use flexibility water resistant putty’s constructs after doing finishing agent, after the putty processes, may carry on the coating construction. Prompt: The flexible water resistant putty’s use, has avoided the wall surface coating coating dehiscence, the spatial drum and falls off.

operating guide price: In the market condition the common mosaic face brick surface finishing agent is the 25kg/package, the ceramic tile cementing agent 40kg/package, the reduced expense approximately pastes 40-50 Yuan for each square meter shop, the expense slightly is higher than the common cement mortar shop to paste, usually is suitable in the small area renovates the shop to paste. But may omit eradicates the old brick’s labor cost and trash handling fee, the overall disbursement increases not many.

Artificial: Generally the old ceramic tile wall surface pastes the new ceramic tile to belong to the partial repair, has the partial repair service repair company like day abundant, seven surnames precious to be possible to carry on this service, the labor cost approximately for each square meter 25-30 Yuan. Thin brick: Although renovates the method to be suitable fast for each type facing old mosaic and the porcelain brick wall ground, but the new shop pastes the ceramic tile should better use the thin brick which in the present market condition promotes, thickness approximately is 5-6mm, like this is helpful in saves the space,energy conservation does not have the ad hoc request regarding the mosaic or the coating facing.

Old paint wall: Regarding wall surface which varnishes newly, theoretically may also use the ceramic tile cementing agent to paste the ceramic tile; But regarding the obsolete paint surface wall, needs to demolish the finish coat and the putty level, after revealing the cement mortar level, can use the mosaic face brick surface finishing agent processing wall surface, uses the ceramic tile cementing agent tiling again.

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