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Now in the family profession market the variety is diverse, however the consumer is choosing, feels helpless facing business’s recommendation. Today 11 wooden doors have under your understanding the solid wooden door, the log gate and the solid wooden compound gate difference. Solid wooden door: 1500 Yuan – - 4000 Yuan The solid wooden door’s special characteristic lies in the high quality and the relative low key. The solid wooden door deadening is good, and has functions and so on temperature adjustment,Chongqing lamps
humidifying treatment, also has the strong absorption to the ultraviolet ray, in the indoor scale is very high.

The solid wooden door is consistent on the lumber with the log gate, inside and outside uses the homogeneous lumber, therefore does not have the obvious difference externally, after the coating, also very close log gate. Log gate: 6000 Yuan to ten thousand Yuan different The log gate, as the name suggests, raw material is a log, namely directly the board which breaks with the wood, the entire leafed door uses one kind of lumber, and thinks the same way.

The log gate belongs to the solid wooden series high-end product, in the processing process, must carry on a series of dehydrated, drying as well as mechanical properties processing to the lumber, the important target – - moisture content between 6~12%, only then can guarantee the entire fan wooden door the stability. Because the log gate is not only “the pure wood”, is “the aniseed” makes,illumination product
inside and outside is the identical kind of lignin, therefore requests in the craft to be higher, the price is also more expensive.

Solid wooden compound gate: about 1200-2300 Yuan different The solid wooden compound gate is present most sells well in the market, is also a variety which favors. In the market among the most common reality wooden compound gate pastes the density board for the solid wooden grid keel outside to add purely natural solid wooden barks the suppression to become, the modelling is generally artistic, the design diversification, can suit the different style the family repair. The reasonable price, the main merit does not crack distorts, sound-insulated, the environmental protection, the durability, to bear the hit good, the price to be expensive, easy to repair, has the very strong reality wooden feeling and feel.

The gate, it is tenant its for the person’s first impression, the visitor has not always entered the family foresight gate. The gate is not only the spatial room partition, but also has demonstrated the home master’s personal status and the pursue. The wooden door type has many.machine manufacture
One kind is the solid wooden compound gate, this kind of gate’s gate core many by the pine lumber, the pine composite wood suppresses after the high temperature becomes.

Outside pastes 3 millimeter Austria yellow deals and solid wooden barks, after high temperature thermo-compression makes, and uses the solid wooden line edge sealing. Generally the high-level reality wooden compound gate, its core many are the high quality white pine, the surface is the reality wooden veneer. Because the white pine density is small, the weight is light, and easy to control the moisture content, thus the end product gate’s weight is light, is also not easy to distort, the dehiscence.

Moreover, the solid wooden compound gate also impact, being flame-resistant characteristics and so on has the heat preservation, to bear,electrical appliances moreover sound-insulated effect with solid wooden door basic same. Because the solid wooden compound gate’s modelling is diverse, the design is rich, either fine western-style carving flower, either Chinese type classical assorted puts together the flower, either the fashionable modern age, decorated the style the gate to give the consumer differently the broad choice space, thus also called the solid wooden modelling gate. The upscale reality wooden compound gate not only has feel to be smooth, soft colors characteristic, but also unusual environmental protection, firm durable.


Other one kind is the solid wooden door, selects material from the forest natural log makes the gate core, undergoes the drying process, then after the yummy treats, digs the light, to operate the tenon, to drill, working procedure science processings and so on high speed mill shape to become. The solid wooden door selects many are the precious lumber, like the cherry, the walnut, the common teak and so on, have after the processing end product gate do not distort, anti-corrosive, do not have characteristics and so on crack and heat insulation heat preservation. At the same time, the solid wooden door because of has the good sound absorption, but played the sound-insulated role effectively.

The solid wooden door natural wood grain texture and the luster, to advocated the return natural repair style the family, without doubt was the best choice. The solid wooden door is passing one kind of tender feeling since the ancient times, not only the outward appearance is magnificent, the carving is fine, moreover the design is diverse. The ester paint has the moisture-proof function, therefore only then chooses the good paint vehicle only then to be possible to prevent the wooden door because to be affected with damp distorts.

The wooden door because of selects the tree seed the difference, but presents the changeable lignin texture and the luster. The vandyck brown walnut feels honored for the human steady, but the light brown cherry lets the human think warmly comfortable. Therefore, chooses with the room decoration style consistent wooden door, will be added color many room.

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