kitchen gate

1st, hinge: The kitchen door switch number of times, reaches several does over ten thousand times, door hinge’s fit and unfit quality appears much ten point important, the practice proved that causes the nature speaking of the kitchen cabinet, speaking of the kitchen gate arrangement accuracy, in addition the kitchen gate itself weight, the domestic each kind of hinge very inaccessibility kitchen cabinet must quality requirement.

The Shanghai market appears the approximately 50 kitchen cabinet brand use hinge situation is as follows: A: Austria “the glass” the (GRASS) hinge,
specification hypothesis
belongs to the European name brand, its excellent in quality, the price is expensive, is scale highest hinge best quality goods which the present Shanghai market appears. The Shanghai market use “the glass” hinge’s kitchen cabinet company only accounts for about 2%. B: Germany “the sea rich happy”, “Haiti tribulus”, Taiwan produces the hinge, is also the quality good hinge, the price is slightly higher than the domestically produced hinge.

Limits uses in the Taiwanese businessman Sole-source investment enterprise, approximately composes about entire kitchen cabinet company’s 3%. C: The Shanghai market appears the kitchen cabinet brand overwhelming majority use domestic product hinge, uses broad Dongxiang county to manage the hinge which especially the enterprise and the individual enterprise produce.

Has many Guangdong to produce on the hinge to be printed with the Italian letter, is actually the typical fake and shoddy product, asks the consumer to select and purchase time the kitchen cabinet. Takes seriously specially hinge’s verification, you do ten thousand do not believe that “Italy” produces bullies the deceitful trick, you must appraise Italian what kind of brand?many operators
Whether or not certificate of confirmation?

The approximately 95% kitchen cabinet company service performance bad hinge main starting point reduces the kitchen cabinet production cost, cuts the kitchen cabinet selling price, by this achievement main competition method (one Austrian glass hinge and German domestic product hinge price: 8.50 Yuan 122.00 Yuan. The home produces or a joint capital hinge each price l.5 Yuan 12.50 Yuan).

2nd, drawer guide rail: The guide rail is one in kitchen cabinet hardware important hardwares, its importance is only inferior to the hinge, the Shanghai Kitchen cabinet Company selects guide rail’s condition and the ratio is similar in the hinge. The approximately 95% kitchen cabinet company use the price inferiority bad guide rail. Compares superior and the poor by no means outward appearance which and the use way establishes comes up differentiates.

Its main difference lies in the material,authorization approbation the principle, the structure, the equipment, the technique of production and so on not with the difference which produces. So long as you take seriously slightly, you pull the drawer then reveal the truth. Austrian glass and German guide rail each price: 18 Yuan ~48 Yuan, domestically produced guide rail each price: 4.5 Yuan one 7 Yuan.

In recent years, because the man-power, the physical distribution, sold the field rent the rise as well as under the upstream real estate policy influence, the entire integrated suspended ceiling market faced layer on layer is challenging.

How wins in the middle of such stern market environment tests the integrated suspended ceiling enterprise’s key, particularly is the competition is increasingly intense to the cost pressure rise’s entity marketing channel, can win in the limited cake belongs to own appropriation market then to become the winner. Recently, the author had visited the Hangzhou each everybody shopkeeper field, in visits in the process to discover that has the strong point respectively in them in the sales way, no matter what is by consumer’s angle embarking, looks for the accurate consumer’s heart movement spot.

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