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Regards work after the agate depth research and development – - “the winter chain sentiment” series success going on the market, US and Iraq promote 2011 fall winter series new product once more “Heart Rhyme Agate” the series, has made up the disappointment which the silver crustification agate fall winter seasonable product is insufficient.   ”Heart Rhyme Agate” series specially for independent,
public figure
understands the fashion, pursues young woman who oneself savors to design.

Manifests “the heart” in the design, “the rhyme”, “the makings” three to gather is one, transmits the rhyme spirit new student, the emotion experience which the heart rhyme unites, guides in the consumer to repair the mood, outside to model the tone, by, but the outside areas send out beauty the feminine.

“Heart Rhyme Agate” the series uses red, yellow, green, black, waits in vain colored material qualities and so on agate jade, copper, steel, alloy. In the extension is former “the national customs” in the brand style foundation, the style is more fashionable and is pretty, has the very strong clothing compatibility.

This time promotes “Heart Rhyme Agate” the series by a set of chain primarily, altogether has a set of chain, the ear ornament, the wristlet and Che Guagong four broad heading 57 designs, wrapped the chain series more to highlight the functionality and the compatibility in the design, for example might the four seasons wear the wrap chain, might long, the short chain as well as the necklace and the waist chain transforms mutually wrap chain. These multi-purpose wear the method, showy at the same time,The suppression
in the sale is a prominent selling point.

Moreover, “Heart Rhyme Agate” the series uses specially the 361L fine steel, is internationally most popular does not change color at present, the anti-allergic popular accessories timber wood. The early 316L fine steel utilization in Rolex and on each well-known fashionable brand’s wristwatch and the precious fountain pen, its fine steel unique metallic luster and the material characteristic has become the popular fashionable accessories’ focal point gradually. Internationally, the 316L fine steel accessories are with the gold, the diamond and so on upscale jewelry are in the identical product area. Does not corrode completely, does not change color, does not fade, not allergy.

In the evening,massive investors the genuine and fake model alternates the mix in the shop to demonstrate that NE · the TIGER standard collected print high-quality Chinese dress’s unique charm, four wear the noble elegant Chinese dress’s model to perform extemporaneously in the display window, takes to the guest infinite pleasantly surprised, built really also has been also imaginary, antique and the fashion elegant shopping atmosphere.

NE · TIGER had custom-made the Chinese dress to deduct black, red, blue, green, the yellow these five big national beauty brand-new high-level, blended together the Chinese tradition to weave the technique, ingeniously unified the successive dynasties all previous dynasties’ ceremonial dress culture and the modern fashion’s modern element, has formed the broad sharp Chinese dress charm. The time overflows the color Chinese dress just likes world good wine, makes the guest to be unable to restrain to immerse in which. In the evening, in the shop opens the manufacture entire process which the special area demonstration Chinese dress has custom-made high-level, makes one sigh that each working procedure having a special inventive mind with has custom-made the service fine high-level graceful.

The VOGUE modern lively district this time presents a Shanghai hundred year business street, is for the purpose of demonstrating the Chinese fashionable competitive power comprehensively. NE · TIGER takes the Chinese top luxury goods brand representative, always devotes to emerging, revives the Chinese luxury goods civilization, this time VOGUE, has demonstrated the Chinese luxury goods civilization once more hand in hand in the contemporary remarkable graceful bearing.

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