besides color

Chooses the Xinjiang Hetian Baiyu, besides color, but also whether there is can pay attention to the slight defect. At the same time, but must pay attention to it Pi Se. Some Hetian jade also has ” Sweet osmanthus watermelon with a spotted rind ” , ” Bordeaux b skin ” , ” Autumn pear skin ” With ” Wu Yapi ” And so on. This is also a Hetian jade big characteristic. When manufactures the jade carving, the skillful color skillful vulture, its artistic value will enhance large scale,
the collector can also add an appeal.

Regards the jade not to carve good-for-nothing. Each jade carving has its shape. When choice, should pay attention to its shape not to look like likely, is completely incomplete, whether there is artistic personal status. More is with the good jade material, it is thinner, the value is also higher. But some jade carvings have, the fissure incompletely, some are raw material factors, after some are the artificial collision’s damages.

Distinguishes the decorative design in a utensil people jade decoration, very emphatically decorative design in a utensil. Because, the decorative design in a utensil has its specific meaning, or auspicious, either avoids evil influences, either blessing,getting fewer
either offers birthday congratulations, either lofty writer breath, either greatly rich greatly expensive, either small and exquisite, should display explicitly.

Which states as follows searches makes the industry is ” Labor ” . ” Labor ” Namely artistic carving. When chooses the jade carving, ” Labor ” Very important. ” Labor ” Good, refers to the carving technique to achieve the reach a high degree of proficiency degree, the artistic ingenuity can express well from the work. The character, the zoomorphism are expressive, the line is smooth; ” Labor ” The difference, the decorative design in a utensil modelling is unsatisfactory, might not take.

The Hetian Baiyu, has nearly 8000 history in China. Elaborated the Chinese society’s history, has the profound understanding to China traditional culture, has the rich historical culture value.

The modern jade carving work, inherited the Chinese tradition jade to play the part of the culture, looked like ” Good fortune and an official position complete in both ” , ” Happy life more than three ” , ” The unicorn delivers the child “vision approached
And so on traditional jade carving accessories were still deep people’s affection; Innovates unceasingly in the carving craft skill the development, the character who the relationship of form and spirit has both, flower-and-bird, the beast and so on, appears generation of craft exquisiteness.

The Xinjiang Hetian Baiyu from Shang Dynasty time until now long-term mining, the output is getting more and more low, the price skyrockets, particularly mutton fat Baiyu, because its resources scarce and are non-renewable become the incomparable items, in the near future its value will be inestimable.

1st, distinguishes the color law. With the eye observation, seems pure white, has the gloss, does exquisitely, and is printed with the shop number on the jewelry, for quality high silver jewelry; Has a liking for the decolorization micro yellow, works roughly, for quality low silver jewelry; The luster is bad, non-gloss’s many are the false silver jewelry. 2nd, knee bend law. Bends at the knees the silver jewelry with the hand, soft glutinous, Yi Wan Yi Duan quality is not the high; Stiff, or the reluctant booklet moves,UPS Power some are even unable the quality which moves with the finger booklet to be low;

Will knock what after the knee bend or with the hammer several will split will be the guarantee of wages jewelry; Light does not have the knee bend, what and Yi Duan is the counterfeit goods. 3rd, nitric acid distinction law. With the glass rod the nitric acid drop in the silver jewelry file mouth place, assumes the coarse cream color, steady green or the emblem green quality is high; Assumes deeply green, even the black, does not have the froth or the file mouth has the froth quality to compare the bottom.

 4th, throws the law. Top-down throws the silver jewelry on the platen, bounces not high, what and has “puff clatter” the sound is really or quality high silver jewelry; Throws jumps on the platen high, and the sound point is bright, for false or quality low silver jewelry.

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