biggest benefit

Consumer: Becomes the price basin biggest benefit   The new intersection jewelry core business circle formation, speaking of the consumer is without doubt biggest “the advantage good news”. Residential Miss Nie indicated: “new intersection transportation, dining,
oil stock
leisure and so on necessary entire, here has the bead mausoleum wall, the market, the exclusive agency, we in purchase jewellery ornaments’ time may back and forth several contrast, product design, quality, price, post-sale service and so on clear, clear expense.

As the consumer, we hoped certainly that various businesses can compete, like this may squeeze out the price moisture content, regarding the consumer, because does not understand to the jewelry, purchase time has the pressure originally, expected that the suitable competition lets the jewelry profession be public transparently, causes the consumer to buy the best product by the lowest price.”

In the near future the American economy will be worn out and the European debt crisis’s proliferation will cause many scholars to forecast that the global economic will march into the double bottom decline stage, the turbulent periphery economic environment made many profession prospects to be worrying,public figure
however the jewelry luxury goods market will as if receive influence really micro, even some “will swim against the stream” imposing manner.

Hong Kong professionals believed that the jewelry luxury goods market’s development present is being at the stage which accelerates to rise, but the China this expense community will become impels one of global jewelry industry demand biggest powers.

Hong Kong jewelry jade manufacturer meeting President Liu Weiguang believed that although Hong Kong’s jewelry export is under the European and American economic crisis’s slight impact, but the Chinese market has the formidable supplies to do uses. He said that the Chinese economic development has been very in recent years steady, in addition the Chinese common people have the deposit custom generally, the huge fund source can support them to the jewellery ornaments and so on luxury goods day by day earnest demands,The suppression he thought that in the future the China buyer’s purchasing power can be getting more and more exuberant.

The global largest-scale jewelry exhibition “in September Hong Kong jewellery ornaments exposition” opens in Hong Kong, this item by Asia heard abundantly the Limited company sponsors the jewelry field year grand meeting has attracted from 46 national and the local 3454 exhibitors, the scale crown of for all previous years.

Asia abundant President Wen and chief executive liked the new gram introduction saying that this display registration’s buyer population broke the record achieves the over 45000 people, rose 32% compared to the same period. And, surmounts Hong Kong for the first time from China’s buyer population, occupies the whole approximately 21%, is situated first, further demonstrated the emerging market pushes the movement which gets up in the jewelry industry to use.

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