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The entire profession is an organic union body, regardless of which part comes apart cannot the normal formation biological cycle, but regarding the enterprise, the post-sale service is for without doubt enterprise’s creditworthiness big awarded marks, already developed the quite mature economic form in now the developed country and the medium developed country, China is receiving the unprecedented attention.

After specially China joins WTO, the enterprise faced with from global economic’s pressure of competition, the market independency is getting bigger and bigger, the supply-demand relation is also getting more and more defined, the pure product and the technology already no longer could meet the multi-level needs.

In recent years the coating profession raw material, the labor force price rises, the technology to innovate unceasingly, the enterprise homogenization to create intensely unceasingly the market competition and so on various aspects influence, the pressure which the coating enterprise faces is also day by day getting bigger and bigger, the profit space is in the declining trend.

The service station displays value, what already no longer was simple is the product brings the influence, our Tu Qi is not exceptional, implements the service strategy to become the important origin which suitably the profit grows. In the past in the product economy age,Tips for jewellery
our majority of enterprises was sells take the product as the goal, now entered the service economy age, the coating is in itself also the half-finished product, it needed to have the good service to manifest its product characteristic and the value. Let us have a look at the following several classical cases.

The post-sale service is a coating enterprise marketing sharp sword Now, coating profession condition of business a little similar same year’s electrical appliances profession, foreign capital brand unusual strong trend, domestic enterprise, regardless of being unable in the scale or in the specialized technology with the Foreign-funded enterprise to contend with.

Domestic enterprise’s outlet what in? This is stranded around a domestic numerous small household electrical appliances enterprise’s heart knot. Was precisely in by now, as head’s domestic electrical appliances enterprise lifts up the service flag take Haire to rush out a way out for the Chinese Electrical appliances Enterprise.

Is precisely this kind to really, most sincere, the ultimate good high-quality service, causes Haire has realized the complaint ratio for zero to serve the competition goal, the Haier Group also becomes Asian first to have the honor to receive the international star-level service top honor – - five-star diamond prize the electrical appliances enterprise, the Haire product also firmly occupied the market hegemonic position ……Now, but also many once regarded as the manufacturing industry giant’s enterprise also already started the attention to change service industry.

Spreads business service level universally low The China nat’l resources can become the profession recognition a brand, is not only benefits in enterprise’s product quality is perfect, the China nat’l resources grade of service is wins universal praise.T8 LED Tube light From for a better service in the furniture enterprise, the China nat’l resources takes the lead most early in the national each important region establishment service center, organically unifies the service and the service. Lays down one for the coating factory and the furniture manufacturer cooperation “the green passage”.

Service center’s service is through pre-sale, sells, the post-sale entire process initiative, positive, the fast work, prevents the question occurrence, suppresses the question symptom, maximum limit lets the customer achieve satisfaction. Afterward, the China nat’l resources takes the lead in the nation to promote the airless spraying, free to match colors, to invite the customer to participate in the experience and post-sale pays a return visit and so on services regularly. “creates the name brand service to escort” the China nat’l resources is also precisely relies on these slight services to be able the rapid development, steady hold coating profession leading position.

Various aspects’ pressure already gave the building materials profession to suffer the serious pressure, the sur- Japanese big earthquake suffers raw material rising in prices, the petroleum price rise promoted raw material price dramatic rise, the coating price several nearly to hang upside down, the coating profession faced with mixed the cards greatly. Statistics indicated that the Chinese Coating Factory has 7,000 every large or small.

The commentary which mixes the cards greatly about the coating profession has hearing frequently. Around the financial crisis, some people proposed that the coating profession will mix the cards greatly. But, because of the Chinese government 4,000,000,000,000 investments, has led in 2010 the Chinese coating industry rapid growth, enables China to become the coating first great nation.

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