Dogs get along with social rules

In the modern city, more and more people have a companion animal. In the street, always the eyes of passers-by can not help but be lovely dog attracted to, and some people even can not help but want to touch them; At the same time, many dogs also enjoy the family dog to bring the whole family infinite the fun.

People-to-people exchanges and communication have a certain social etiquette and rules of the exchange of people and dogs too. With people and dogs in their lives more and more contacts, more understanding of the behavior of some dog and master the habits of dogs to get along with the “social rules”, will help you more pleasant and harmonious with the dogs and exchange views.

How to approach an unfamiliar dog?

When people see a lively and lovely dogs, they tend to go straight to dogs and hand, tease it or to feed the food to it. The majority of dog bites is not easily, but the best, with the consent of the owner would not agree to random touching unfamiliar dog. If the dogs do not like to be touched by strangers, then the dogs will be on those who touch it to show fear or unfriendly.

When you want to close when an unfamiliar dog, first of all, the need for dogs, with the consent of the owner’s consent, and then make a fist with one hand to the back of a fist slowly into the bottom of dog’s nose in it are familiar with your smell, it I would have way to you that it has let down our guard, then you can close it.

Children and dogs, especially when they are in contact and unfamiliar dogs need a little careful because not all dogs like to play with children. Should educate the children, close to an unfamiliar dog must first agree with the consent of the dog owners. In addition, as far as possible not to let the child alone and dogs together.

How to judge and put an end to acts of dog bites?

Many dog bites are because people do not understand the dog’s “social rules” caused. Most dogs do not bite, but those without the training or very little contact with humans while the dog may bite. Dog is a strong awareness of animal territory, when the dog that strangers entering their territory belonging to it, they will protect their own territories for the purpose of a warning to humanity and even attacks.

Most dogs in the bite will be issued a warning before. When the dog up the back hair, forced to tread that deviates from the limbs and tail shaking slightly at the same time raised his head on the bark, then you will need to be careful, it this is to warn you. If you continue to close it, dogs will be issued a more severe warning. When the dog’s tail up, showing teeth, ears and will be issued roar affixed to the rear, this is the last warning, it immediately launched an attack.

How timely to withdraw from this dangerous situation? We recommend that you look the best to pretend as if nothing had happened, and slowly the distance gap, but in this process is best to avoid direct eye dogs for dogs, the eyes of its provocative as it is; In addition, do not because panic and run, because it would stimulate the hunting instinct of dogs you pursued it.

Sometimes, your dog with you to play, they may nibble your teeth. The need to immediately put an end to such acts, you have to train dogs from a young age can not use the teeth, even if it bites you play at the same time, to avoid bites after it developed a bad habit.

How to defuse and dogs licking?

When you open the door every day, your dog is likely to be the first “warm welcome” to your family members, it fell Some Like It Hot and you do not live in licking you, so you could be overwhelmed, loss.

Why do dogs in this way will you welcome them? Such conduct is that close to your dog a way similar to human beings to embrace and kiss. Do not let dogs with the best way to affectionate said, because some people afraid of dogs, and dogs the size of the potential of people down. To resolve this kind of “affectionate” approach is the right way: In the dog toward you and licking you, it is timely to issue a “get down” or “down” command, and give it a timely incentive. Gradually trained dogs will be used to “gentle” method for your welcome.

How to solve the problem of soil puppies anywhere?

Like puppies, like human infants, can not control their own soil. This is because in the first four months of the drainage as well as puppies brain nervous system has not yet fully developed. However, this problem can be through repeated training, so that puppies learn to work in a fixed place of soil: You can put one in the bathroom for a puppy to defecate in public areas in the above paper. When the puppy needs to defecate in public areas, make sure it can find this piece of paper. In this training process, the owner of a puppy to give sufficient encouragement and caressed. Adult in puppies, this problem will naturally be solved.

To understand the habits of more than acts of dogs and dog get along with the “social rules” after, I believe that if you encountered a similar situation, they will not feel perplexed. We sincerely hope that you and your dog will be more happy to live together, but also hope that all human beings and our faithful friend – dogs live in harmony in a friendly manner.

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