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Editor’s note: since September, gold platinum price inversion phenomenon” normalization”, and” upside down” was the trend to enlarge the difference. ” Upside down” phenomenon is the result of what? This” upside down” phenomenon will continue? In addition, recent media reports pointed out that since this year the international price of gold out of the soaring prices of big market, 100 times leverage underground gold crazy behead guest. On the market all sorts of gold investment information is also come in a throng, investors how to open their eyes to prevent deceived?

Gold platinum gold” upside down”" gold fever” is down

According to statistics, in September, September 1st and September 7th, only the two trading days less than the spot price spot price of gold platinum, remaining transactions occur daily average gold platinum closing price” upside down” phenomenon. moderate decline
In September 26th can become gold and platinum price has expanded “watershed”. Enter after October six trading days (October 3rd to October 10th), gold and platinum price “upside down” phenomenon still exists, but the price broke through 100 dollars, close to 200 dollars. On October 4th, two the price for $144.98, October 10th, spot gold price than the spot platinum closing price of $153.94.

Brilliant futures analyst Liu Mingliang said, the platinum price decline was mainly affected by gold slump dragged down. And” upside down” phenomenon is, in this wave collapse, or less than gold platinum. Recent debt problems in Europe that make gold hedge attributes to display, hedging needs of short-term limit the decline in gold.

HNA Topwin futures business department of Nanning investment analyst Zhang Xiaojin that, the reason for such a situation, because gold as the traditional value goods,pressure position
Wednesday morning
easily by hedge funds favor. The platinum gold higher than the hardness, the processing difficulty is better than gold, is mainly used in automobile manufacturing industry, its financial properties than gold.

Especially some time ago appeared beautiful debt crisis and the debt crisis, gold by the hedge demand to drive prices rise, and platinum it maintained the oscillation range. This is the price of gold platinum price exceeds the important reason.

It is reported, gold platinum and other precious metal there is nothing comparable to this advantage. During the economic downturn, gold remains the investors or the central bank to hold assets. The expert says, this” upside down” or will continue, in the macroscopical environment of uncertainty, gold from the hedge attributes, its more platinum and other precious metal more vulnerable to investor preference.

Platinum price drops,Playground equipment it indicates the investment opportunity coming?

Platinum price drops, it indicates the investment opportunity coming? HNA Topwin futures business department of Nanning investment analyst Zhang Xiaojin believes, gold is a precious metal in the circulation the largest species, the market is now very high liquidity premium. In contrast, platinum trading volume is too small, yield is low, and is unlikely to become a reserve currency to central bank. Therefore, the currency attribute too weak, hedging function cannot be compared with the gold. In addition, because platinum jewelry dressed up, easily mistaken for silver, platinum is not easy and popular reason. Therefore, platinum collection of investment value is not high.

New Century Futures Research Centre Manager Wu Ling think platinum is more suitable for the economic boom was the icing on the cake, but apparently now the opportunity to enter the market is not mature.

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