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AAA national tourism scenic spot in Shandong Province, the tourism product development base — the Zhaoyuan gold jewelry limited company takes a variety of forms, in order to carry out the” Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Thanksgiving education enterprise ” as the theme of the series of activities.

Strengthen the gratitude education is the 2011 Zhaoyuan Gold Jewelry City staff training education important content. To this end, the company developed a detailed implementation plan of thanksgiving education activities: one is through electronic screen, publicity column,processing fees
publicity, daily through the chorus” kneeling sheep map”, doing signs language” grateful heart”, to create a public opinion atmosphere of Thanksgiving and. Two is to read a Thanksgiving book. The company specializes in traditional moral books purchased hand book, in order to promote the culture of gratitude, instilling gratitude idea; three is the Thanksgiving Education training. Regularly invited professional lecturer by class on-site training, at the same time the organization is entire concentrated viewing training expert Li Qiang” for his work on” big discussion activity, and thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving education activities, so that the majority of employees learn gratitude and gratitude, love of family, really establish the loyalty to the enterprise,quite expensive
the cause of loyalty and faith, so that employees and enterprises make joint efforts, promote enterprise harmonious development.

” Ensure that goods are genuine goods at a fair price, not high price; sell jewelry three security (durability, security, and quality ) … …” In yesterday hold Shanxi province of user satisfaction with the jewelry business commends on the meeting, 39 enterprises to entire industry issued the initiative.

Gold and silver jewelry jade quality association responsible person said, consumers of jewelry jade preferences and growing demand, but the market on the existence of shoddy, with pretend to be true, false discounts and other illegal acts disrupting the market order, affecting the consumers of jewelry products consumer confidence. In order to promote me to save the jewellery industry health development, gold and silver jewelry jade quality association and the provincial quality and brand association to carry out user satisfaction jewelry enterprises selected activities.

Hongyi, five one inferior show gold and other 39 enterprises access to user satisfaction jewelry enterprise title. Yesterday,JADE MANSION in recognition of the 39 companies at the same time, to the whole industry self-regulation initiatives: a false discount, not shoddy, with pretend to be true; establish and improve after-sales service system etc..

Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau relevant responsible person said, recently on 50 batches of precious metal jewelry undertook supervisory selectiving examination, sampling rate of 94% qualified; on 59 batches of jewelry jade jewelry undertook supervisory selectiving examination, product quality sampling rate of 93.22% qualified. The main quality problems including jade annotation of physical discrepancies as well as the tags do not meet standard requirements, quality supervision departments will increase quality inspection supervision, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

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