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Women should not only is a wedding!

In 2009, Lan Yu returned from New York fashion academy, from spinning in the hands of high-priced buy studio, Lan By Lan development of clothing series, and will focus on the high order In Love.InLan. In order to refine on risk, she signed a European brand silk and lace contract, in order to have the top material. When the bride into Shangri-La store, shop immediately offer seasonal snack. Like to operate the first shop, Lan Yu insisted on emotional marketing –” in addition to the design and quality, must understand the customer’s heart.

On special occasions, women are very sensitive.” She spent a lot of time to chat with the guest, to know what they like fragrance, color, understanding of love, and then determine the details. In the modification process, even after more than 10 fitting. ” Teachers are old artisan, each responsible for a large number of small and medium. Don’t look down on this point,
twentieth Century
each master sewing different habits, do out contours are also different.” Until the wedding, Lan Yu will specifically requested manual master with two assistants shadowed, in order to prevent various status.

Dress for different occasions, I believe that everyone can easily choose the travel clothing. But in the clothing of details on the taboos with, you know? Some taboos are consistent with common sense, and some of it is misleading to dress factors, let us work together to learn, to break these dressing taboo!

Break taboos: Geometric stripe must be unified?

The width of a straight stripes, spacing of a horizontal stripe, have a slimming effect, instead of black and white straight style too much like” the suit”, should be avoided. Diagonal stripe, the seams are aligned, highlight clipping skill, wedding style
but the left-right asymmetry, can try the” offbeat art”. The upper body straight, lower body stripes, handsome and very sharp to collage. Straight stripes, even with plaid patterns, tips are pale pale grain straight shirt, cover Short Sleeve Plaid jacket.

Breaking the taboo two: color must match?

Eileen Chang’s” green push plate is a little ” argument, only for Ang Lee’s movies, in real life, with too consistent color, but because of the deliberate and seem old-fashioned. Only the main color is a color, no matter how complex patterns, pattern, no problem. Today the popular colour, but if the clothes belong to the” uniform” of bright color, shoes, bags, necklaces and other” small”, should to the dotting pattern, with a slightly dark or slightly brighter hit color,婚紗照預算的建議 such as yellow dress with purple bag.

Breaking the taboo three: half skirt and blouse length of relationship

Old pedant elegant women care than coat, skirt not long coat, but since MarilynMonroe then had in the trench coat to expose the skirt. In addition, most innovative, probably following a long skirt and long. In the middle is a miniskirt, hem exposed, or coat!

Breaking the taboo four: daytime can not wear dresses?

In the past, the day wearing a long dress, is considered the last night of prostitution woman all through the night. In fact, elegant fabrics of dress ( English name is MaxiDress ) is already a romantic word, British afternoon tea type, water pink floral most famous Hollywood summer, with no shoulder cotton cartoon flower tubetop dress most charming. The length of the lower leg, with short heels; just show ankle, with flats; too long, can be equipped with slope with satin sandals, anyway not drag and ground line.

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