How the selection of healthy dogs

Dog’s life is generally about 10-15 years, is rich in emotion, but also very good at communication and is very suitable as a human companion animals.

They are many kinds, there are also great differences in personality. Who have a masters like quiet, do not love sports, because dogs do not understand the character of the election and a love of barking dogs active and lively, the results of dog’s personality and his lifestyle is a serious conflict. Later, he had worked hard to raise their own dog tears gave others, very sad.

So when in the selection, you must choose their own personality, living conditions and lifestyles breeds to avoid similar situations. In addition, the selection of a healthy dog is also crucial. How do you teach the following observation and selection of a healthy canine companion.

Actions and mental state

Should first observe the dog moves and mental state. Move lively, brisk gait, responsive, dynamic dogs, usually healthy. Manic sluggish or disturbed is a symbol of unhealthy. So buy a dog, do not immediately pick up the point of view, bear with me, and carefully observe the actions and gestures dogs. Focus on the best in the dogs at the front of it a little far behind or toys, to guide it forward to run or head to see its reaction agile, flexible movement, Wan step and whether the natural beauty, or limp, you can determine whether there are any problems. Bone problem dogs, many of inbreeding and genetic caused, should not be kept. These problems on our own observation, not a certificate of origin can be explained. Able-bodied dog health, nutrition, if too thin, exposed spine and ribs, or too fat, too much , None of the purchase of the object.

Hair – soft, bright, clean and tidy, no tie, but no obvious unhairing phenomenon.

Nose – moist, cool, there is no runny nose and sneezing for health. Rhinoscope drying not to buy. Eyes – bright God, eye black and flexible. To less than the white of the eye, mostly bad, right and left eyes to deal with that. If the eye white, dirty and ashamed Ming tears, eye secretions more persons, are unhealthy.

Ears – ears activities flexible, but to clean up the canal, there is no smell, ears to the inside of pink health. Do not have dander to prevent parasites. Rejection often ears, may be sick ear.

Mouth – teeth, gums, tongue rosy for health, pale, there are bad breath while sick.

Skin – soft and flexible and can not induration, hypertrophy, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there are lice, scabies mites and other parasites or other skin diseases. Skin or parasites dogs, in the short term must with claw scratch lesion, but more than once, many times consecutive. You want to see it scratch the site, and then you will find detailed examination of skin problems.

Tail – dogs should pay particular attention to the bottom of the tail, if the “yellow-Indian” had suffered from the recent signs of diarrhea or diarrhea, do not stay to buy. We have to see whether there is any swelling or anal phenomenon fester.

Foot pad – soft, not chapped is healthy.

Character – like it or not close to observe the dogs and get along with others, and not nervous, timid, emotional instability dogs.


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