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Television program

In accordance with the choreographer and television scripts ( or shooting script ) requirements, the earlier recorded program material data editing, making” head” and” tail”, with the caption superposition, voiceover art processing, in order to achieve the broadcast request process.

Post-production was completed in production center. Production center computer room technical equipment including video switching machines, video effects generator, video recorders ( generally 2 to 3 above ), the caption machine, editor, monitor, synchronous machine, a video signal splitter and audio equipment. The use of these devices can be a combination of footage and pictures of special art processing.

Television footage combined into VCR simple editing combination and use video switcher for special combinations of two types. Video editor is the most simple post-production process, its work process is: in the earlier recording of a segment of material according to the shooting script for editing together, forming a continuous complete program. Completion of this process, with only 1 machines and 2 sets of video editing. 2 VCRs by editing a book on the machine: Machine General Editor in memory to a lens is placed; machine, editing in memory to below need to be connected to the beginning of the lens. Editing machine automatic memory book, on the editing switching point, and at the same time, put the machine to complete the program start recorded combination.

Insert edit is to show some unwanted lens replacement. It with a combination of editing is different, in the back to keep the picture memory before edit point out,dvb t tuners
this mode is often used for the completed program modify.

By the VCR directly screen combination production method for universal access to applications, without the need for art processing and production time is short news coverage and news programmes mostly using this method. Because of its easy operation, high work efficiency, so the art processing requirements higher, more picture transform large cultural program or programs, are also commonly used this method to coarse editing, then the final art processing.

Art is the use of video switcher to the picture to carry out various forms of transformation, caption superposition and characters such as matting. When the general need 2 player and 1 video. The video switcher is a multiple function equipment, it can in the input video signal between two arbitrary to some transformation, the transformation can be paintings stacked (i.e., fade ), brush painting, can also be a picture of” pull” to another picture. The video switcher of another function is to pull like a combination of picture.

Matting combination divided into subtitle matting and characters cutout 2, which in the use of the technology is called” luma keys” and” chroma key”. The cutout is superimposed to show on the screen, character matting is the figures will be superimposed onto the program background picture. In the course of stacking, superimposed at the background picture was eliminated.

Along with the modern industry and electronic technology’s development, later period manufactures the equipment unceasingly renewal which uses.dvb t receivers
In order to cause the program to manufacture conveniently effective, has produced can simultaneously remember over a hundred editor remote control automatic collector, and using when code technology to earlier period record program source material insertion when code signal.

When the later period manufacture, directs only need act according to the combination picture the time code position to remember separately the edition spot, the use has when the code display control function videocorder, one time may complete the entire program’s edition combination work. In addition, some countries also produce can simultaneously control remotely, stunt generator and videocorder equipment’s and so on video frequency cut automatic control collectors. Uses this kind of collector, may save the manpower and the time greatly.

The electronic stunt can enhance the television program the manufacture quality, is the modernized method. In the television program later period manufactures often must carry on each stunt processing to the image, all stunt processing uses the electronic control processing system. In the electronic stunt’s video frequency cut, itself contained has carried on to the video image folds the picture,cable supplier to sweep the picture and to dig out the alike electronic control processing unit. Various units have the different function, also has the relation mutually.

Folds the picture process is between two video signals the linear mix adding together transition. Sweeps the picture process is by each kind of impulse modulation signal control electron cut switch, carries on transition which cuts alternately. The impulse modulation signal is undergoes each kind of combination by several kind of basic pulse signals to become, therefore sweeps the picture the design type to be possible many to several dozens to over a hundred kinds.

In addition, htpc Keyboards the high grade videocorder, the replay program belt’s speed may change at will, therefore it has frames (static frame), to put, to put and puts upside down this kind of simple trick effects quickly slowly. Can manufacture the animation trick effects the videocorder to be also published.

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