each step vicissitude

Shao Yifu has written down in the Chinese movie history many “first” and “”. The Shao family may say that is China motion picture industry is worthy of the reputation opens up virgin soil the hero. To has the sound from the silent film, from black and white to colored, Chinese movie’s each step vicissitude has the painstaking care which Shao Yifu and the family member offers. Was engaged in the silver spoon from the 20s to the present, Shao Yifu has experienced the movie different time evolution, witnessed the Chinese movie’s growth and the prosperity and decline, being possible be called movie history witness.

Shao Yifu’s success not only lies in him to know one’s subordinates and assign them properly, has a large quantities of various aspects talented person, for its uses, lies in him to have the intense dedication to work and the professional dedication.

He is a familiar service movie entrepreneur. Although he is educated the degree is not high, but he does is the same, studies is the same, ever does not idle. He starts from the basest and lowest position, one struggles, to end in movie company’s boss step by step. He is familiar with the movie to manufacture nearly each aspect and link’s work. From the script, photographs to the direction, actor’s selection as well as puts on make-up, the editing, he every kind is an expert to good expert, but the movie promotion, the release, the theater management are experts. Shao Yifu works is assiduous, the energy is excellent. Young when once some 1 day looked that 9 flat and thin pieces, 1 year look at 700 flat and thin pieces the records. He said: “I evening only rest for 1 hour, other time are work”.

In order to set up the Shao positive image, he checks strictly to the movie quality. Presents the poor piece, often personally burns down,dvb t tuners
is not lenient. He said: “in the early time, I burns the piece all day long, does not have the good play, I rather burn.”

Disperses completely daughter Jinan all living things. For many years, although Shao Yifu has wished luck on moving to a new home in Hong Kong super rich and powerful people ranking, but he regards the money is the things, enjoys doing charitable things, the warm-hearted public welfare, is the Hong Kong Island very few big philanthropist.   “my wealth takes from the people the audiences, the application returns to the populace”.

This take “real man expensive concurrently Jinan, how can it be that alone friendly body” as life creed film and television great master, was not only said like this, was does this. As early as he set up the Shao foundation in 1973, devoted in each work for the public good,dvb t receivers
for this reason he has received the widespread high praise. in 1977. Queen of England confers rank and title him is knight, becomes Hong Kong entertainment world to win this great honor the first person. The American San Francisco to commend Shao Yifu to this city welfare contribution, every year’s on September 8 will name as “Shao Yifu the date”.

The root has also poured into the very big compassion in Ningbo’s Shao Yifu to the hometown. after 1987, he not only many times returns to home village the visiting relatives visit, but also contributes money successively more than 4000 ten thousand Yuan help promote education, the cultural establishment. These projects including located at Ningbo University west area Shao Yifu library, leisurely husband classroom building, leisurely husband theater as well as its ancestral place Kang Leyuan and so on.

He also has the large amount donation in Zhejiang other areas, like he for Hangzhou leisurely husband hospital donation nearly hundred million Yuan. As early as in the early 90s, the province, the municipal government awarded him “to love the township model”, “the honor resident” the title, commended him the significant contributions which made for the hometown development.

Home background    Shao Yifu (left one) sends wife Huang Meizhen before the knot () and so on everybody to be accustomed to is being crowded around by Miss Hong Kong Shao Yifu, because he serves under somebody’s banner the beautiful woman like cloud, but in fact,cable supplier Shao Yifu only has experienced two sections of marriages.

He and old he 5 year-old Huang Mei the treasure married in 1937 in Singapore, two people had two sub-two females, eldest son Shao Weiming, second daughter Shao Suwen, three female Shao Suyun and youngest son Shao Weizhong. This section of marriages have maintained for 50 years, until 1987 Huang Meizhen when 85 years old died of illness in the American Los Angeles.

Shao Yifu’s incumbent Ms. Fang Yihua was born in 1931 in Shanghai, grew up along with the mother, was a red singing star long ago, area southern coastal provinces popular. Two people met unexpectedly in 1952, hereafter 40 remaining years of life, Fang Yihua has helped him in the Shao Yifu side to handle Shao and the wireless day-to-day business. Until 1997, two talented people in American Las Vegas official registration marriage, at that time Shao Yifu 90 years old, Fang Yihua 61 years old.

After sending wife Huang Meizhen passed away, Shao Yifu’s several children then one after another fade out the Shao management. Shao Yifu’s two sons live Singapore, handles under the Shao family nomen in there the commercial building and the housing, not takes over the interest to father’s film and television empire.

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