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The new fireNew CCTV building fire system caused by the illegal discharge of fireworksRelated suspects have been detained Beijing in February 9 ~ 10 – 9, twenty twenty-seven, Beijing City, Chaoyang District East sanhuan CCTV new site construction area on subsidiary culture center fire, the fire spread rapidly. 10 at 2 pm, a fire burning in the nearly 6 hours later by the firefighters, the building has seen the fire. Beijing City Fire Bureau relevant responsible person told the reporter, at present the building still has 200 firefighters to search, put out the fire prevent sporadic, smoldering afterburning. Xinhua News Agency reporters on the scene saw, the fourteen floor of the building above the fire still burns.
The fire is not under control is the main cause of fire extinguishing water to go up not to go, fire water gun can reach 60 meters, the building is still in construction, building is currently no fire water.A preliminary understanding of fire, burned area more than 10 square meters, more than 10 storey atrium building had collapsed, located in the building on the south side of the digital room studio hall burned.
It is understood, because the fire of the building and the new CCTV building is only 200 meters, the field command fire related to leadership and firefighters are trying to take measures to protect the main body of the building, from damage.
According to the Beijing City Hall news office bulletin, initially identified, the cause of the fire was caused by illegal discharge of fireworks, the specific reason still is in further investigation. The new site of CCTV Fire Incident investigation by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau is directly responsible for, say people familiar with the matter, has including the CCTV new site construction office director of 12 suspects were detained by police, but police are incident on further investigation and treatment. Procuratorate anti malfeasance investigation of bureau of new CCTV building fire. In the CCTV Fire sacrifices firefighters memorial service held within three days.
Because spontaneous combustionCCTV new building roof film doubt due to the hot weather of spontaneous combustionIn August 10th 09 afternoon at five forty PM, Chaoyang District CCTV Main building roof, apron side glass adhesive film burning traces. Firefighters arrived, combustion property is automatically extinguished. At present, the accident is still under investigation.
According to insiders, and subsequently, in four vehicles rushed to the scene of fire squadron. Firefighters arrived at the scene, the fire had burnt itself out. The fire location is located next to the glass on the tarmac, scene has burn marks, burning material for glass on a gelatinous film, covering an area of about one square metre.
In confirmation of no security hidden danger, firefighters evacuated.The personage is analysed, the cause of the fire is hot weather, glass outside film spontaneous combustion. But this view has not been confirmed by the fire department.

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