The differential assessment

Processing method

The differential assessment

The jade placed under fluorescent light, observe the color change, goods and C goods does not change, B goods with fluorescent, extensive white. C goods dyed, so its color along the crack distribution, uneven distribution, carefully observe the naked eye can see.


Color is the first element in evaluation of jade, the color of the standard is: positive, concentrated, Yang, are.

Positive: refers to the tonal range, according to the main color and color ratio and decide, is said to be pure green, not mixed with other colors.Pearl Jewelry
For example, oil green is often mixed with oil, can reduce the value of blue.

Concentrated: refers to the color depth, is emerald green, concentration of best in 70% — 80%, 90% has been too strong.

Yang: refers to the colour of jadeite jade fresh Yang brightness, emerald bright degree is mainly due to the emerald green and black or gray scale to decide. Green scale color bright, if containing black or grey, color is dark, experts often take the image method to represent the color of fresh yang. For example: green, green, green box parrot green peppers, green heart, refers to the color of fresh yang. Spinach green, green, green river oil, black green, refers to the color dull dark green.

More fresh Yang jade, natural value is high.

All: refers to the color of jade distribution uniformity. Jade color distribution is not uniform, if can obtain a homogeneous color distribution of jade is really not easy.

The best color: should be pure green, green concentration in 70%80%, Yan Yang bright, a homogeneous color distribution, this kind of high-grade jade, a habit is called old pit.

Quality identification

The texture. Natural jade texture transparent or translucent, surface, bright, careful observation, nearly circular slightly transparent” salt” and surrounding the fibrous material.

The hardness. Natural jade jadeite, Mohs hardness is 7 degrees, with a sharp characterization tool, will not leave traces; fake jade hardness is low,jewelry manufacturers
knife can be scratched marks.

The jade of. Natural jade to light observation, visible among other mineral particles in the green flash, known as the waiter or jade; glass, plastic, porcelain made no such fake” green ” features.

The relative density (specific gravity ). Natural jade hard compact structure, no bubbles, larger density, percussion sound is ringing; pseudo product structure is loose or air bubbles, the density is small, hoarseness of the voice is not clear.

The color. Genuine Emerald green rich pure. While some pseudo product is white, serpentine jade, Han Guoyu, Australia miscellaneous stone, marble and even, the decolorization, poured into the high hard plastic paste and color processing, or immersed in liquid.” Green color jade”, in the light of observation, visible green lines, messy and small; although some do not show lines, but turbid, gloss differential, the weight ratio of genuine light.

The fake goods into the boiling molten wax liquid, is poured into the paint will slowly precipitate. Such inspection, can not damage the detected sample,attraction landscape product but also can identify true and false.

With Searl West filter for the observation, to add color to green under the microscope is purplish red, natural authentic color invariant.

Some fake Emerald Glass artificial smelting and lax, structure, dark green uniform, some bubbles, with a hard hitting, hoarseness.

False emerald: Malay jade ( jade ), its good transparency green beautiful like a high-grade jade. But it is not difficult to identify, it is against the glare use a magnifying glass to look at, within a fishing net shaped pattern, net net line is green mesh is white, not within the emerald green is uneven and irregular size and shape.

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