Lovely working dogs

Normally feeding animals rather than people working for them is for meat production. Dog is an exception, it is dogs, mostly just to make companion. In many cases, people are out of dogs just love it. However, there are some dogs, they are trained to help people to complete a number of special work, they made great contributions to mankind can not be ignored.

In Australia, the herding dogs work when people are essential partners. Australian response to the local climate and natural conditions to produce two of the most adapted to local conditions breeds, namely, dog monsters (Kelphie) dog and livestock (Cattle). The former is the world’s most outstanding one of Shepherd, a good dog can be worth six monsters shepherd.

Originated in the south of France Pyrenees region can play a big white bear sentry dogs and sheep care mission. Big white bear dog has a strong adaptability to large polar bear domesticated pet dogs caring, extremely loyal to the owner.

In snow-covered polar regions, but also live in a different dog that is dog sled (Sled Dog). In dogs, they assume the most onerous tasks: drag sled. They can dragging a heavy sled, in the arctic region 500 kilometers stretch run. The most common are the Siberian Husky sled dogs and Alaskan Malamute.

Ling TERRIER are competing to run the first race in the 20th century, the rise of the United States, now tens of thousands of enthusiastic audiences all over the world are obsessed with this sport. These spirits are owned TERRIER innate ability to quickly start and lightning speed. They are talented canine athletes, and to love their career.

In all dogs, the guide dog’s work is undoubtedly the most noble. Views of a trained guide dog strode confidently leads the pace of the masters of the shuttle in the busy flow of people and streets are a supreme pleasure. In the guide dog and its owner, between the inter-flows not only love, but also a convergence of selfless dedication and extraordinary trust.

In addition, the dog was also in police stations and army service, customs patrol members to play. Hound hunters are still the best assistant. Many varieties of working dogs by the decision, but also has acquired the training results.

Note that not all are suitable for working dogs as pets. Some nature extremely active dogs, such as sled dogs, shepherd dogs and cattle are easy on the narrow space are tired. Therefore, in domesticated dogs work before it can seriously consider necessary to adapt to the living environment, or to listen to experts and professionals recommendations.

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