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Core Tip: Recently, Anhui Guoyang part of the township people infected with hepatitis C incident occurred, infected people are more concentrated in children. According to feedback from family members of patients, the infection, or repeated use of needles with local hospitals cross-infection related to this, the local health bureau said in an interview knowledge. At present the virus samples have been sent Hefei, because today, or will be published.

from last week, Henan, Anhui Guoyang part of town near the sudden occurrence of an event many people infected with hepatitis C, and infected people are more concentrated in children. At present, the infection has been sent to Hefei, Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai and other places for treatment. According to feedback from family members of patients, the infection is likely and the light seedlings nearby hospitals in Henan Maqiao repeated use of needles cross infection.

events: Guoyang many village children

emergence of hepatitis C infection at 10 o’clock yesterday, reporters rushed to the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, Division of Infectious Diseases. The first floor of the ward 13 beds, 5-year-old Heng Heng (a pseudonym) had fallen asleep, parents have been accompanied by his side. December 16, during a physical examination, was diagnosed with hepatitis C Heng Heng, the first was found suffering from hepatitis C.

, usually around the village children, are often to neighboring Henan treatment.

Zhangyin Ping said, the kids sleep every night, every night crying. An Fuyuan live 24 month after the injection of medicine every day, kids hands are swollen.

It is understood that the majority of infected people with children present, the patient had were sent to Hefei, Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai and other places for treatment. Specific number of infections, currently no statistics.

reasons: the child with suspected hepatitis C infection in hospitals in the

Guoyang Dan Chan the town, only 2 years old son is also suffering from hepatitis. According to her that because she is located relatively close Maqiao township from Henan Province, and the town’s business for many years Tony shallow hospitals, the general vicinity of the child is ill, will be taken there to see.

normal transaminase in 40ALT less.

As to why such a serious illness, a look of anger Chan told reporters: Ms Chan said that only God Dan village town there are at least 30 children infected with HCV.

near another ward, the reporter saw 5-year-old obsessed with (a pseudonym). It is obsessed with his father introduced, usually a child after a cold, shallow fry will take the children to hospitals in treatment.

progress: the virus samples have been sent in Hefei, the reasons will be published today or

a wide range of hepatitis C infection, what is the reason? The number of people currently infected? What areas are covered? Reporters call Guoyang County Health Department and CDC, the Health Bureau said that knowledge, but the CDC is hearing a staff interview, and immediately hung up the phone.

Guoyang publicity staff of the Ministry, told reporters Tuesday morning, the provincial CDC experts have collected samples to the test in Hefei, the specific causes to be further investigated.

reporter learned that, in the vicinity of Guoyang County, outside the town in addition to Dan Tangzhuang, red and other villages, there are many children infected with HCV.

Information Office of the Provincial Health Department, according to sources, close to Henan province Guoyang really found the people at the hepatitis C virus infection. According to the local masses, the event involves two provinces, the situation is more complicated, because now is stepping up its investigation, should be held a news conference today, the preliminary findings to the public.


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