the United States’ own ability to maneuver and combat the development of the shot from Guam

Dimension changes slightly

Australian troops, for the United States so smooth, but no one had thought China had a variety of media, shows that the Chinese people’s view, still too rigidly adhere to the old geographical scale. We are too much attention to the first island chain, in fact, this island chain of modern warfare, the long look stingy. Recently a small number of U.S. military in South Korea forces (such as George Washington aircraft carrier) is very active, almost the entire coast of China stirred, but the focus of its military deployment in the Asia-Pacific is still in the back. This has the pressure of Okinawa in Japan, but the pressure from the U.S. military not stay still passing, especially in Japan’s national interests, how could leave the U.S. military? So the U.S. military in Okinawa have been relaxed, focusing on business in Guam, and another for two reasons.

First, China’s long-range strike capability and the intent was for these two strategic points, as China only crippled the airport here, a major strategic objective can be achieved, accounting for some technical cheaper deterrent effect is obvious;

Second, the United States’ own ability to maneuver and combat the development of the shot from Guam, the Pacific coast to maintain effective strike capability is becoming increasingly feasible. For example, The effectiveness of China’s fight against Guam, Okinawa, and also compared to the sharp drop, after all, this distance is much greater need for a missile.

Therefore, 250 U.S. marines stationed in Australia, is not that much ability, but rather attitude, it launched a new strategic direction. Even if the force to 2,500 people, is estimated not to play a role in the amphibious landing force, whose mission is to prepare the battlefield, they will be closer alliance with the Australian Army, to ensure wartime intelligence, bases, logistical support, to the time the United States delivery to the Asia-Pacific military power of imagination is much larger. Moreover, Australia affluent, stable, easy to protect, move overseas, the U.S. natural base, which is over the Pacific War has shown the value. The only difference is that World War II, starting from the Australian attack to Japan, went to great lengths, now take off from here, follow the Okinawa off the difference is not too large, especially for the South China Sea and Malacca is such a potential battlefield.


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