Custody purebred dog or hybrid dog

In China, the family dog are the trend of recent years. With the deepening of the trend, people are starting to pay attention to the pedigree dog. Often hear people say “so and so raise a good dog!” Well, what is a good dog it? Most people also seems to have half-baked knowledge, often to the appearance of beautiful, rare, expensive as a good standard, dog traffickers were fabricated with their own species more than a few people deceived. Even more unfortunately, a lot of people do not understand in a variety of personality, habits, the blind fashion, the outcome of custody for a period of time, dogs and people can not adapt to each other, claimed the lives of innocent puppy abandoned tragedy.

And hybrid dog hybrid dog

Speaking of purebred, we can first run, said hybrid dog hybrid dog and two different concepts. The former two are different species of dog or a purebred dog mated with another species to be generated. The origin while the latter is unsystematic, and can not be accurately classified. Dog hybrid dog is provided by two unnamed species from mating.

Hybrid dog health and plain smart to win the respect of the owner. Dog hybrid color usually gray or pale yellow-based, and generally is moderate, independent by nature, are excellent hunting dogs, their coat color with camouflage sex.

Benefit from a variety of pedigree background, dog hybrid was the most optimized genes, good genes much higher than the inferior genes, and recessive.

Negative effects of genetic diversity is not to ensure good genetic characteristics to the next generation. Moreover, even if carried out mating dog hybrid dog father and mother both have good features, but also more difficult to predict the offspring of morphological and physiological characteristics.

Although people often think of hybrid dog agility smart, strong, courageous, but in fact the reviews are not applicable to all hybrid dog that only those who are lucky and the genetic quality ‘product’ in order to find a place in society.

What is a purebred

For breeds certification, a lot of Kennel developed countries have their own standards. Currently, China’s implementation of the American Kennel Club are the standard varieties. Referred to as the Club AKC, founded in 1884, the existing 150 species have been identified, grouped into 7 major categories, namely, working dogs, hunting dogs, rope dog, sheepdog, dog sports, non-exercise dogs and dog toys. Classification criteria are based on the initial development of the species identified at the time of use.

The so-called varieties, AKC is defined as “by the Human Development and maintained within the same species is relatively similar to one type of animal.” “All dogs, purebred and non-purebred, and several of their wild relatives, such as wolves and foxes, all belong to the same family. Each species are created by human beings through selective breeding methods to obtain the necessary human quality. The result is surprising diversity of breeds. Such diversity led to the same species breeding dogs will be a new species. Over the years, human beings according to their own needs, design can be hunting, herding or guarding dog, a new species of certification by the AKC Board of Directors decision. Now, a new breed to be in other countries, the breed has been certified by the local bodies has been a long time to establish a solid, will it be possible to receive AKC recognition. ”

It is worth recalling that the standard introduction of the characteristics of only the representation of the characteristics of the breed. And the inherent individual differences and acquired experience, training can change certain characteristics. So if you have chosen a dog do not seem to fit, but also is entirely possible through the cultivation of the feelings of and training in order to change the status quo is not satisfactory, with sincere love and scientific approach to completing this.

The fit is the best

Trend in the changes in market ups and downs. As a smart dog owners should be in accordance with Kennel own experience, living environment, energy and local laws and regulations, select their suitable partners, we can enjoy the fun of Kennel. Whether purebred or a string of species, the fit is the best. Prior to the Kennel, through authoritative channels to fully understand the breed standard, you can in accordance with their respective personality, size, care requirements and so on, to identify suitable varieties of their own family situation, make a smart, Kyosho sensible dog owner.

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