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Next year, the deputy director level and above all the officials of Macao will open their property status, subject to public view. Recently, in the general discussion of the Macao Legislative Council, the official property of public bill unanimously by members present.

The expense of privacy corruption prevention

Macau has been the implementation of civil servants to declare the property for eight years, their spouses have to declare their assets. However, according to current law, officials declare the property information is not public. Chui became Chief Executive of Macao, the government proposed the concept of the sun, the property declaration system began the process transparent.

The bill from the Legislative Council after the first discussion point of view, political Macau property for public officials did not dispute the general direction, and attended by 10 members all voted for, several members said that the property declaration is an important aspect of anti-corruption should be sacrificing, sacrifice some privacy.

Thus, the focus is not amending the law The current version, public officials include deputy director level and above. A member said, the details of the provisions of the Bill further amended, is expected to adopt and implement in the first half of next year.

Intimidation effect stronger

Previously, Macao Dharma people on the evaluation of the property declaration system has long been corruption played a huge role in intimidation, and to declare the property bill takes effect, the public may query official assets, which will allow the system to further enhance deterrence.

Macau regulations, not to declare or deliberately false declaration can impose criminal penalties, than in Hong Kong, Europe and the administrative penalties are more severe. Under the current law, the Macau Court of Final Appeal President or the Commissioner may order disclosure of information for non-payment by regular, non-compliance will commit a crime of disobedience, a maximum one year in prison or fined. Deliberately made inaccurate declaration will touch the Penal Code, In addition, the property of unknown origin and without reasonable excuse, lawful source, can be sentenced up to three years in prison. Failed to explain the origin of the property or proceeds, the guilty verdict to the Court declared the seizure and return of Macao SAR All.

Macau’s first case of a conviction, according to financial disclosure, that is the case of Ao Man Long. In November 2007, Macao ICAC identified the couple’s assets Ao Man Long as high as 8.5 billion, which is 2 61 times the statutory income. Accordingly, Ao Man Long couple accused of reporting inaccurate and property assets from unknown sources, two counts of all the establishment.

Also supporting measures

For this repair method, Macau Commissioner Fong Man Chong said that the repair method is to implement the Sunshine Government’s policy to ensure compliance with . He said officials could open the property

Macao ICAC also said the measure is not a panacea, a cure-all, and therefore need to make the entire administrative system support. To this end, the ICAC will recommend to the Government a number of policies or measures, remedy, blocking the source of corruption.


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