A year ago

According to the Associated Press reported Dec. 28 , 28, said U.S. officials said the Obama administration will soon announce the sale to Saudi F-15 fighter program .

Unnamed U.S. official said, according to the United States and Saudi Arabia a $ 29.4 billion U.S. dollars (about 185.5 billion yuan ) of the sales agreement , the United States will sell 84 new fighter Saudi Arabia , and Saudi Arabia to upgrade 70 aircraft.

This agreement will greatly enhance the Saudi ‘s military strength, and now Saudi Arabia is the Gulf Arab region, the most powerful military country , is the world’s richest countries. Saudi Arabia is a key U.S. ally in the Middle East , energy security is essential for the United States , it is America’s third largest source of oil imports .

A year ago , the U.S. Congress passed and Saudi Arabia on a 10-year , $ 60 billion (about 378.5 billion yuan ) of the sales agreement , involving F-15 fighter jets , helicopters, missiles, bombs and launch system , in addition to early warning radar systems and night vision goggles and other equipment .


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