Chinese Hegemony and American Hegemony different

Gaosuibuyou Thailand

Nearly three years of global opinion polls have repeatedly shown that many people abandoned the West, With expectation, apprehension or both of the psychological watching the Chinese towards the stage. As a long-popular joke said, learn to speak Chinese optimists, pessimists learn with the

Small number of experts say that China’s rise not inevitable, the economic, political and demographic base is weak. But the general view is that China’s national strength growing. Many people pondering the future would look like a world dominated by China: China’s global influence on how self-expression? Chinese Hegemony and American Hegemony different? Comparing the current and possible future U.S. World Chinese world, the most significant difference between Americans and Chinese people’s experience of the outside world.

The United States is a nation of immigrants, it left the impression that the world is a The first time since the 17th century Europeans to settle in the United States, people from around the world With the American dream, to where to find a better future. America’s attractiveness is that it will to some extent non-Americans into Americans. No wonder America’s global plan is always to promote change; it is the rule-makers.

Turning to China, they do not try to change the world, but rather focus to adapt to the world. Exchanges between China and other countries by opening overseas Chinese, the Chinese people see the world through the perspective of immigrants. Overseas Chinese in the core of Chinatown, located in major cities around the world, the Chinese gathered to form a relatively isolated community. Political scientist Lucian Pye that

American melting pot will change people, but the residents of Chinatown are always learning to adapt. Americans like publicity, and the Chinese deliberately keeping a low profile. Chinese around the world often become an important force in local, but they are non-threatening; they closed, outsiders see through, but will not lead to grievances; they become a bridge to China, but not the

China seeks to adapt rather than change. So, if China has become the master of the world, it is unlikely to change the world. Led by China’s future, China will not go rules; Instead, they focus on the best interests of existing rules


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