Dog Institute: training dogs to postpone

Delay training, is not mysterious

To postpone the training is to enable the continued implementation of dogs can you orders until an order has been lifted. For the mission to perform the work of dogs, to postpone the training is essential. May be some dog owners will want to: My dogs are not dogs, did not delay the necessary training. In fact, for pet dogs, to delay the training is very necessary.

Institute of Education and dog sitting – delay

● to allow dogs to sit at your left side, and gently placed his left hand at it in front of the nose, paying attention not to run into the nose, and then issue a password: “set!”

● traction with the right hand grip, and to recover the left hand, then walked two meters in front of the dog place, for it. Dog main attention must first step the right leg, if you will be accompanied by the dog, then step the left leg will let you think that dogs should be accompanied.

● dogs at two meters in front of the place to observe the dog, if it appears uneasy restlessness, owners once again issued a stern Password: “set!” Down time password is very important, must be driven at dog did not want to move moving or just moving moment, put an end to such good effect.

● If the dog has stood up, then return to the main dog dog beside him, pulling his right collar, left-handed down by the dog’s waist, forcing it to sit down again, if the dog is still disturbed by restlessness, dog owners can use la traction brought to stop it.

● When you insist the dog can stay for some time after the main dog to encourage it, but do not immediately approached caressing, oral dog is designed to encourage it to continue to maintain the moratorium, while the master’s caress will delay the destruction of dogs.

● When the dogs slow down to a specified time (-5 minutes to 3 minutes, depending on the specific circumstances of hands by the dog owners), dog owners issued password “to” so that delaying the lifting dog status, and then to caress the dog and food reward.

“Set” on a character I can only say it once again

Some dog owners at dog status undermines the delay time will once again give dogs under the password, this training method irregularities. Dogs delay in the implementation process, in a memory status, may be at the beginning of this memory, some lack of clarity, but the dogs go in as far as possible in mind that dog owners Password duplicate upsetting memories of dogs, the sudden command will do a dog at a loss what to do, so dog owners please remember: “set” on a character you can only say it once again!

Children too hard, it is necessary to take a break

Training is training dogs to postpone some of the most difficult to resolve one of the issues, dog training in the delay will appear in various questions, some dogs will be restless, and some dogs may feel fear, and some dog dog will be excited that it is difficult to inhibit, distressed to swap sitting, alternately cling to forepaw. This time dog owners may want to temporarily lift the moratorium Password hair on the dog for comfort after the training.

Baguazhang new tactics: in bed

Difficult to slow down for the dog, you may wish to try this seeming nosy tricks:

Allow dogs to sit in bed, and give it issued a “sit”, “scheduled” password, will delay the training of the training ground to move the bed. Bed for the dog is a magical place, where it can be completely relaxed, and can guarantee that there are no adverse external stimulus, such training often effective, but slow down after the initial results to obtain training or training ground to move way down.

Seize the opportunity

On the dog, the owner is nearby, can remind the existence of an order to postpone it, not when the master or owner does not observe their own, some dogs will forget the delay of orders, so, for dog owners, in order to forget dogs when promptly corrected its error is very necessary.

If possible, dog owners can put a small rear speakers, then hide their own observation of dogs, if the dog changes, owners can use the microphone to remind the dog. Behind came the master’s voice enough to quiet down, continue to slow down.

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