investigation and management of risks remain in place

December 12, 2011 afternoon, a number plate private passenger car for the Su CR1836 (core containing 52) from Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Xian Feng County Town Central Primary School, the first pick 49 students to go home, they will have two students off. 17:45, when traffic from south to north town line to the first sheet after the Tuncun envy a village near the road, the rollover slide roadside ditch, causing the vehicle 15 people were killed and eight injured. After preliminary investigation and analysis, the direct cause of the accident was speeding bus, coming in the opposite avoid a manpower tricycle to take inappropriate measures. In addition, there are bus drivers for driving with a driver’s license does not match the offense.

The occurrence of the accident, fully exposed in some areas in primary and secondary schools (nursery) school bus safety management, investigation and management of risks remain in place, the road does not control the order in place, the source of supervision and administration and other outstanding issues. Accordance with relevant provisions of the State Security Committee has been implemented supervise the handling of the accident investigation, investigation result will be announced to the public. To conscientiously draw lessons from the accident, to further strengthen the school bus traffic safety work effectively prevent and resolutely curb such incidents, the following requirements are proposed:

First, to further improve the management of school bus safety emphasis. The region should conscientiously implement the high sense of responsibility, sense of mission and urgency, and always put safety work in economic and social development of the most important position, put the safety of school bus traffic safety work in an important position, make great efforts to strengthen the management of school bus traffic safety . Must fulfill the school bus traffic safety management functions, a careful analysis of the local road traffic safety, law student travel, school bus, etc. Development of the overall situation, in-depth analysis of school bus traffic safety in the management of the outstanding problems and weak links, take appropriate and operable, the effect is obvious measures to resolutely curb the school bus traffic safety momentum of frequent accidents.

Second, to further increase the safety of school bus traffic source management efforts. The region should further investigation of school bus traffic safety problems, increase transfer students vehicle safety inspection, in particular, to strengthen the primary and secondary schools (kindergarten) self, social nature of individual and private vehicles, the daily supervision and inspection, determined to stop does not meet the safety requirements and potential safety hazard for vehicles to shuttle students. Should be conducted to the school bus driver safety education and training, to further strengthen the management measures, strict qualification examination, assessment and supervision of certification evaluation to continuously improve the safety of school bus drivers ethics, safety awareness and safety skills, and enhance school bus driver in sudden emergency to protect the safety of students to maximize emergency response capabilities. To strengthen the school bus traffic safety propaganda, education and the students, parents and raise awareness of safety awareness and protection, determined not to take the assembled vehicles, scrap vehicles, agricultural vehicles, cargo trucks and other vehicles and overcrowded vehicles of illegal operators to school. To further enhance public participation and public opinion, in all sectors of society concerned about school bus safety for all, and everyone concerned about school bus safety, school bus safety oversight for all the good atmosphere.

Third, to further expand the road traffic inspection and control of the depth of the order. The region should take to rectify the school bus traffic safety focus on further strengthening the inspection and traffic order and road traffic control. Police are deployed to optimize and improve the service deployment, improve service methods to further improve road see alarm rate, the rate steward, to crack down on school bus drivers driving without a license, driver’s license for driving does not match well with the school bus speeding, overloading, failure to driving violations and other key provisions, efforts to strengthen the rural areas, schools around the road traffic order management. To regularly publish the school bus driver’s traffic violations and traffic accidents situation, the school bus overloading, speeding and other serious violations must be promptly informed of the driver education authorities and their subordinate units and dealt with severely.

Fourth, further investigation of serious accidents, and increase accountability efforts. The region should strictly follow the investigation of primary and secondary schools (kindergarten) school bus traffic safety hazard, identify the cause of the accident, identified on the basis of the nature of the accident, serious treatment-related units and personnel responsibilities. To earnestly implement supervise the handling of the accident investigation system to ensure that accident closed on schedule, and timely investigation results to the public, and the responsibility to track incidents and urge the implementation of corrective measures.


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