10 -22 file

(Reporter Liu Chunrui ) Reporters learned yesterday from the railway sector , following last year’s salary increase for the railway line workers , the Ministry of Railways issued enterprise wages . It is understood , including the Beijing Railway Bureau , including the Ministry of Railways is a business unit is to develop specific implementation plans.

Positions in broad based wage workers is

According to To increase staff wages range of positions : Railway companies of workers is , the collective output of Railway Bureau organized laborers out by the organization to leave the job to the original school workers in the post .

Increase the wage standard for the job : jobs job sequence 1-9 file wage increase 360 yuan , 22 -26 file wage jobs increased 490 yuan , 10 -22 file , respectively, according to the standard 10 yuan increase.

Wage tilt front-line workers

Who introduced a railway , the main railway line from the monthly income of workers basic wages, salary, seniority pay , operational efficiency awards , etc., and Beijing Normal monthly income of two or three thousand front-line workers .


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