moved to tears over the phone. with the family

People ali, 17 May after seven hours of flight nearly 4100 km, at 11:15 on January 16th, one carrying 10 tons of materials condolences plateau Airbus 319 aircraft touched down the airport in Elikunsha. Looking at the white Plateau border officers connected plane home for the holiday, an hour later, the soldiers will take the military plane officially set foot on the plane to go home happy New Year of the road.

Ali is located in the northern Tibetan Plateau, with an average altitude of 4,500 or more, bad weather, road conditions complicated, inconvenient transportation, visited Ali’s men keep the road down the mountain to climb from an altitude of 5000 meters above several Daban, wind, snow, cold, hypoxia at any time threatening the officers and men safe. Since the winter, heavy snow-Tibet highway pavement thickness of more than 20 cm of snow, vehicles can not pass, the road traffic disruption, with strained civil capacity, for a time, New Year goods movement will not come down the mountain, the mountain men to be unable to leave the 62 down. Among them, three face his wife giving birth, two parents about surgery, as well as a much-needed down the treatment of people suffering from the disease. Urgency of the situation, Ali, Xinjiang two military report immediately to the Lanzhou Military Region, request air support capacity.

Lanzhou Military leaders know the circumstances to make instructions on delivery as soon as possible by all means stay plateau soldiers return home. Military Department of the Military Traffic immediately launched the emergency mechanism, submitted to Headquarters, decided to deploy civilian airliner, plane transporting soldiers went to Ali.

The flight is a temporary assignment, not previously established routes and flight data. To ensure safe and smooth transport task, with the civil aviation department of the Lanzhou Military Region, highland terrain and climate characteristics, repeated study route, the elaboration of the flight plan, flight aviation specialist has extensive experience in deployment of staff compiled unit.

From headquarters to the air, at all levels all the way to the green light, we have only one objective: to keep the plateau against the officers and men to go home early.

Through the joint efforts of the military and eventually fly the aircraft from the Xian Kashgar, Kashgar for materials in the fuel supply after loading and straight Fei Ali. At 4:00 on January 16, aircraft in the night from Xi’an Xianyang Airport, whistling to the West … …

Levels of care, so is the snow-capped plateau becomes warm surge Ali. Tashi Gang Liu Shaojun Military border with the expected date of birth of love in the end, ready to go home when the father thought he could not go back to his wife for a long time to do its work and leave postponed to April, in his worried about, I get the message, the higher will send a plane to ensure that every time down the New Year holiday soldiers, talked about where he choked and said: moved to tears over the phone. with the family, leave the end of a more high spirits, perform their duties responsibly, defending the frontier, the border guard loyal to the harmony of peace

13:40, with a huge roar, all the plane carrying soldiers returning on leave, bid farewell to the presence of Ali Military Commander Liu Geping pleased to say: auspicious years!


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