With the development of society, more and more pet many of the people, then the natural and ultimately give their baby. A lot of people think cats and dogs is also a kind of life, should give them an equal right to life, the right name. Of cats and dogs and more love of animals, human beings are an extension of self-love is the extent of human civilization, improve performance and should not be discriminated against. British people love pets, especially dogs, is long known, and bookstores, the book named for the cats and dogs and children standing alongside the name. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton the “first American dog” BUDDY, is a Beagle, BUDDY paraphrase the meaning of partnership are, who can be translated as “sworn brothers.”

Some dogs and cats before, but at that time many people have enough belly, conditional total small dogs and cats is primarily used for gatekeeper, no need to pay attention to the name, most of it is based on color called upon at random, for example, called the Arab-Israeli yellow, called. At that time, put the names of people from intentionally or even very low, especially in the countryside, even if the names of the same name with the Dogs and Cats Do not care also. Give China a child named “dog eggs” “Heteropappus” such as name, in fact, also reflected on a favorite dog.

Now is as pet cats and dogs, and some even their own children but also affectionate, well-played first name of natural want, but also to be of people, coupled with almost pet fashion, pet access to foreign names such as: JOHN , LISA is very common, but also a wide variety of so-called “personalization” trend, or even someone from “atypical pneumonia” “Saddam,” the “. Osama bin Laden”, it ironically.

Pets have been known to be a normal thing, but one inattentive, will create a number of disputes and even some lawsuits. Someone check on the dog once had the same first name and neighbors, neighbors are not happy, and the occurrence of numbness of the mouth, and finally the use of force, will turn into tragedies.

In view of this, how to pet name, I have to hurry to set a rule, and, in addition to pet owners of self-discipline, will have to be a body to pipe this matter as soon as someone crossing the restricted area of ethics and civilization, have to intervene because it is a medium, after all, social problems. Well, it will also affect people’s lives.

Puppies were called on to carry out training

First of all, raising a puppy to give it for training.

Named to the puppies, the best choice of easy pronunciation of one syllable and two-syllable word, so easy to remember and distinguish between puppies. If the puppies have more than two, the name of the voice should be clear so as not to confuse the puppy. Call of training

, It is best to select dogs at ease of mind, you play with the play or to eat you review the process. Big bang training must be continuously repeated, when the puppies were called to hear the master when turned quickly and was pleased to shake the tail, the training on the preliminary success.

Puppies can understand at the first name you call it, it is important to give appropriate incentives, such as stroking the head, or to the point of small dogs like to eat foods. In addition, dogs should not go on call at the time of their punishment, so that dogs mistakenly think their names are called to punish it and did not dare to come to affect the results of training.

In addition, it is best for the dog’s name from a fixed, because different families, different occasions are not the same name, which will cause confusion dog.

Celebrity pets named to

Wang’s movie star named Hiromi Peas, singer He Jing called the dog, the Golden consort called you, Ren Jing, Fu Disheng Yorkshire couples called Peas.

Brooklyn Beckham, son of the great imagination of no less than his father’s passing, a few days ago he would own three pet goldfish named separately from Ronaldo, Figo and Ferdinand.

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