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28, the British police and Rupert Murdoch’s News International News Corp confirmed police arrest suspected clues to the police news buy four

So far 13 people were arrested

Police announced the arrest of three men in London, another man gave himself up. It is reported that four people, including

Almost simultaneously, a London Metropolitan Police Area police headquarters duty police officers were arrested. Arrested five people suspected of corruption, is the police inquiries.

An anonymous

The British police, this is news for media personnel to obtain information for the police officers suspected of bribery, the third criminal investigation. So far 13 people have been arrested.

News International CEO Tom 姆莫克里奇 said, provide legal support colleagues were arrested.

Restore self tapping

News International’s parent company News Corp. set up a management and Standards Committee, its self-examination, 28, the Commission issued a statement claiming that the reason to provide clues, the police arrested four .

Mock Ridge said the Committee on .


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