According to foreign media

Global Network reporter Liang reported that According to the United Kingdom , Reuters reported , the morning of January 31 , Egypt’s Sinai region shellfish vary from person to person kidnapped 24 workers in the local cement plant , the Egyptian authorities to release because of suspected involvement in the explosion authorities arrest Bedouin tribesmen . According to the World Wide Web , the Global Times reporter in Egypt Huang Peizhao , the Egyptian security authorities have confirmed 25 Chinese workers were kidnapped , Egyptian media said the kidnappers is a the name of The kidnappers said , not trying to find fault with the Chinese people , just want to put pressure on the Government of Egypt , and the release of their compatriots as soon as possible .
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Huangpei Zhao said 25 cement plants , skilled workers is the way to work , the local Bedouin tribesmen kidnapped . According to Egyptian news website Egyptians network , They asked the Egyptian authorities to release arrested for suspected involvement in the Red Sea resort of Taba explosion and Arish oil and gas pipeline explosion Bedouins . Egypt, domestic media reported that the kidnappers have said , not with the Chinese people

The Huang Peizhao also said that the Sinai is a relatively remote and poorest regions of Egypt , extremist religious organizations is very easy to recruit new members . After the riots in Egypt , where law and order situation continued to deteriorate , a few days ago , a French tourists were killed in the south of the Sinai Peninsula . But the kidnapping of Chinese workers are organized behavior or individual behavior is still unknown .

According to foreign media , security sector in Egypt has begun negotiations with the kidnappers . Huangpei Zhao believes that the Egyptian government will take active measures to fight to rescue the Chinese workers , may be released as part of serving the Bedouin from person to person , or to speed up the trial process of those who remain suspects to be tried


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