Thailand and other countries initiatives in Russia

Millions of hectares of land in the Far East, long-term leased to foreign investors. Okay? OK? Should? The Russian people are seriously and repeatedly weigh carefully.
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January 27, land in recent years has been market-oriented reforms of agricultural land. It is reported that this proposal is submitted to the federal government by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development on the use of Vladivostok, Russia in September this year in hosting the APEC leaders informal summit to attract foreign investment in a series of one of the important recommendations of the machine. This proposal aims to enable Russia to make a greater contribution to enhance world food security.

Article followed by a clear show some kind of deep concern: closed ethnic enclaves.

A day earlier, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development Deputy Minister Alexander Si Liepu Neff met with media reporters, said: region-specific programs. So far, the department has to be prepared about 20 investment projects and jointly promote the agricultural development of the Russian Far East to the Asia-Pacific countries.

Si Liepu Neff said:

Eager to Asia-Pacific multi-country very interested

It is reported that this proposal of the Ministry of Economic Development is the Government of the Russian Federation formally adopted, the proposal is likely during the APEC leaders’ informal meeting in September 2012 by the new president of Russia formally announced.

According to Si Liepu Neff said, according to the scale of investment of each piece of agricultural land project, the lease of agricultural land should be longer, not just 5 years. He stressed that Russia’s current law allows long-term land rented out to foreigners.

Si Liepu Neff also revealed that the present, there are investors from Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Thailand and other countries initiatives in Russia, this is still brewing a clear demonstration of strong interest. Particularly worth mentioning is that North Korea also seem eager to lease agricultural land in the Amur region.

50 rubles per hectare rent!

It is understood that Russia is currently the territory of the total agricultural land area of ​​168 million hectares, of which nearly 1/4 of arable land is idle, it can not be said for Russia is a kind of

However, Si Liepu Neff Shi pointed out in the introduction of this proposal of the Russian Economic Development Ministry of Russia’s agricultural land is not leased by foreign investors without any restrictions: from a geographical point of view the best the West can not be over Lake Baikal, Russia to rent agricultural land is only confined to Primorye, Khabarovsk, Amur. 3 to rentable total agricultural land area of ​​approximately 150000-200000 ha, total investment is expected to reach tens of billions of dollars.

Ye Fu Gaini Qana Aliyev, a senior scholar in international politics of Russia and the Institute of World Economy Asia-Pacific Research Center, said that less than 50 percent of arable land usage of the Russian Far East and Eastern Siberia, and global climate change could increase the region in the next 30 to 50 years, agricultural production by 11-14%.

According to this reporter learned that the three regions of Primorye, Khabarovsk Amur agricultural land is more suitable for planting beans, rice and a variety of cereal crops.

Others are concerned that fear of being

Ministry of Economic Development of the

Boris Fu Lumu gold, senior expert of the Agricultural Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Economic Research, said the proposal is

Fu Lumu gold, the most likely way to Russia and Vietnam or North Korea to create a joint venture company, to avoid the

Development Research Center analyst Sergei Shade Bin worry, these rental of agricultural land is likely to be

Independent economic analyst Suleyman Terry Barr Cove, which is a good idea to attract foreign investors to participate in the agricultural development of the Russian Far East: new prospects for the development of this region. Of course, this also needs to seriously consider immigration policy. In fact, as early as during the Soviet period, the Korean people there to grow food and vegetables.

Business Review observers Ci Kefu said: a new model of economic and trade cooperation, of course poses a danger which may lead to the dissatisfaction of the local residents in the Russian Far East …

Venture of the Russian Academy of Sciences Far East Institute scholar Vladimir Maci Lin, said: predicament.

He believes that this arable land leased way to start with small pieces of farmland began to lease the best from 50 years shortened to three decades. He said: a year and a half ago, we have the federal government proposal to allow Russia’s Asian immigrants engaged in agricultural production in a given area, but do not allow them to engage in trade or to other major cities to Russia should create conditions to ensure the implementation of these investment projects.

Hope of foreign immigrants afraid of foreign immigrants

Maci Lin stressed: their goal is to earn a little money here and then go home to do something a small business in his hometown. But at the same time, the Russian government must strictly enforce the management of immigration. experience tells us that allow Asian immigrants in the territory of the Russian Liberal work, then they will immediately went to the big cities of Russia and to do business there. and adverse to our country.

Obviously, Russia is entangled in the Far East idle agricultural land will not lead to the dilemma of the social and political issues.

On the one hand, there is no injection of foreign investment and foreign labor, Russia can not realize their own strength in the development and revitalization of the Far East. And if the development gap in the Far East and Eastern Siberia and Russia’s other regions over time and gradually widened, the Russian central government will face more than simple differences in the economic development issues.

Other hand, Russia has always been foreign investment and foreign labor into the Far East harbor deeply hidden fear of the Russian Far East by foreign immigrants

From Russian experts on the interpretation of this proposal of the Ministry of Economic Development, it is easy to see that the tangle of all sectors of development issues in the Far East. The development of the Far East, the Russian Government and the community have said for years, but the harvest is not clear more small. With the complexity of the problem mentality in Russia from all walks of life are inextricably linked. Russia in order to truly develop the Far East, in fact, it is more important is the heart to be crossed


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