World Wide Web reporter Tan Julia reported that the British Reuters reported on February 15 , a Chinese trade delegation on the 15th local time in the United States , Iowa, with the United States signed a 8.62 million tons of soybean import agreement , worth a total of 4.3 billion dollars.
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According to reports, this agreement is the COFCO Group and the China Grain Reserves Corporation and several U.S. grain trading company , signed a trade conference in the capital of Iowa have to plum .

The person in charge of the Iowa Soybean Association , Kirk ? Leeds on the 16th visit to the city of Los Angeles , the Chinese trade delegation will sign a purchase agreement , when the total procurement volume or more than 12 million tons .

The report said that the United States and China on the RMB exchange rate, reduce the bilateral trade deficits and other problems that there are differences , this compelling purchase agreement and thus more concern in .

It is reported that Iowa ‘s visit to Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping will be in the local time on the 16th early as visit a local soybean farms . Leeds is also the visits to arrange one .

Bloomberg , USA in 2010 to become the largest importer of U.S. agricultural products , according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture data show that last year, China imported $ 22.17 billion of U.S. agricultural products , which imported 20.6 million tons of soybean , 60% of its imports . U.S. Department of Agriculture had expected , on February 13 this year, China will import 55.5 million tons of soybean , while 10 – year soybean imports increased by 62% compared with this value , reaching 90 million tons .


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