the principle of win-win cooperation

(Correspondent Wu Qingmei ) Hafei Aviation Industry since 2011 , CATIC signed a 30 Z-9 Series purchase and sales contracts since continued to increase domestic and international market development efforts , straight 9 export a record Y12 areas of sales widened. January signed a total of six straight , nine and two transport contract for the sale of market ushered off to a good start .
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30 direct purchase and sale contract signed last year , Hafei Aviation Technology jointly established a project team , the principle of win-win cooperation , both sides make full use of the Air Show and Exhibition declared mediated opportunity to actively increase the domestic and international market development efforts . Purchase and sale contract , the 30 direct sales in 2014 to complete the implementation. In the positive efforts of the project team , the 2011 has signed a straight nine export Zambia 7 machine , export the 12 machine contract in Cambodia , direct export to obtain gratifying results .

This year , the project team continue to increase market development efforts , successfully sold to Bolivia ‘s six straight 9 . So far, 30 Z-9 purchase and sales contracts have been completed to implement 25 , the overall goal is expected to be completed ahead of schedule .

Yun-12 aircraft known as the pride of the flower of the Chinese civil aircraft is the first to enter the international market , exporting countries most sales of the largest civil aircraft . Laos to purchase two Y12 immediately after put into operation , every airplane flying three flights a day , classes in fully loaded aircraft attendance , better operating takeoff and landing in the gravel on the runway by the Lao Civil Aviation users praise. Excellent performance, good quality , high-quality service and price advantage , constantly attracted repeat customers . Up to now , shipped 12 series aircraft have been exported to over 20 countries and regions, has cumulatively shipped more than 150 aircraft of domestic and international users .

Beginning of the year , Hafei dig shipped 12 potential users to further improve the system of user pay a return visit , improve service quality , high-quality performance of the products to meet market demand, to the integrity of the service to meet customer . 2 shipped 12E purchase and sales contracts signed in January , the Root River, the city government and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region , and State Oceanic Administration and other units reached a preliminary purchase and sale of intention to transport the 12 series of machine sales reproduce good prospects .


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