researchers through computer aerodynamics simulation tests

In early February, the U.S. Lockheed Martin Sandia National Laboratories announced the development of laser-guided bullets like darts. This laser-guided bullet 4 inches long (about 10.16 cm), point 50 caliber (referring to the cartridge case diameter of 0.5 inches, or about 12.7 mm) gun family weapons. The researchers said the laser-guided bullets during the flight can automatically adjust the direction, the same as mini-missiles hit one mile (about 1.6 km) outside the target. This bullet can be extensive equipment of the army, thereby enhancing the shooting of the hit rate, ordinary soldiers also have the magic sniper marksmanship.
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According to reports, in the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq on the battlefield, by factors such as weather, wind speed, light, and the moving target. U.S. soldiers often consume a large amount of bullets can not hit the target. In order to improve the range of weapons and shooting accuracy, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as early as four years ago, a secret to start a named EXACTO (Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance) project, that is, a range of up to 5 km high-precision weapons project. Sandia, Lockheed Martin is responsible for the development of this laser-guided bullets It is EXACTO part of the project, although present in the initial development phase, but its ultimate goal is to develop a search and targeted and accurately hit the target of bullets. before

the unique the design

long eye long fins bullets on the laser-guided bullet broke through the inertial trajectory of the bullets fired from the threaded barrel, straight flight, opened up the precedent of no power curve flight directly to subvert the traditional firing principle.

guided bombs, guided missile is not surprise, but to develop a bullet there is a certain difficulty with the guidance function. because of the caliber of the bullet, smaller, in which you installed guidance device and flight control devices is a very difficult thing with the information the rapid development of technology, laser-guided technology and artificial intelligence technologies, each of the Sandia National Laboratories researchers to overcome these challenges.

a unique micro-laser-guided bullets internal control system, whose main two major parts: First, the guidance system, an optical sensor in the bullet front-end for search, tracking a laser-guided toward the target point, the internal sensors can target the ever-changing information timely passed to the guidance and command components , the latter through an 8-bit central processing unit to calculate the flight path, and directing the electromagnetic gear. transmission system, a drive motor and a similar transmission system to provide continuous power continuously rotating miniature Collembola, adjust the direction, control bullets circuitous twists and turns to hit the target. Therefore, it was the image of the type of bullets called miniature laser guided missile of the mind new era. Allegedly different from ordinary bullets, this laser-guided bullet does not rely on the groove or thread rifling to achieve high-speed rotation, in order to maintain a straight flight. It uses a unique smooth-bore design, do not have to rotate after a bullet fired miniature tail fins . The researchers said, per second, it can automatically adjust the navigation path 30 to be able to shoot with great precision the effect. the

researchers through computer aerodynamics simulation tests, found that the ordinary bullet by outside influence each advance one kilometer away from the goal at least 9.8 meters, this laser-guided bullets in the same circumstances would only deviate from the 0.2 m . Its unique tail can adapt to changes in aerodynamics, wind speed and the role of gravity in a certain limit, offset, thereby increasing the targeting and shooting distance, improve operational effectiveness.

Sandia researchers said the soldiers on the battlefield in the use of laser-guided bullets, do not need to rely on sight for accurate targeting, as long as the target, regardless of which direction the shooting, a bullet through laser navigation self-modified, adjust the direction of flight, more quickly and accurately hit the target. This greatly weakened the role of the sniper known as Guided bullets, there is a prominent feature: the ability to combat the enemy hidden in the walls, trenches, stone, or house.

this laser-guided bullets has a broad development prospects. Just think, maybe in the near future, the soldiers filled with laser-guided bullets, musket armed, do not Danfei rain can do the one shot kill a. Therefore, some experts said the use of laser-guided bullets, marking the infantry of the oldest branches of the military have begun to enter the era of precision strike. The laboratory is responsible for claims that its potential customers include the military, law enforcement agencies. difficult

deficiencies to overcome

Although this laser-guided bullets have been tested successfully, the result is encouraging, but there are still some problems to be solved. The person in charge of even the Sandia National Laboratories have to admit that the biggest challenge existing scientific and technological content of this bullet, the cost is too high, resulting in the lack of R & D expenditure.

In addition, experts said, this not the lethality of the laser-guided bullets. Its muzzle velocity of 2400 ft / sec (about 732 m / sec), and standards military speed there is a gap. Meanwhile, because of its own is not the continued momentum, once during the flight to change the forward direction, will inevitably consume some momentum, so that its lethality and non-guided bullets weak.

talked about its deficiencies, was also noted that this laser-guided bullets used in conjunction with the laser pointer, is bound to cause its applicability is limited, can not be made of conventional weapons of mass the armed forces, the idea very suitable for special forces, snipers use. Some experts said that if the laser beam to indicate targets, so a guide can easily exposure. If the settings indicate points on the target in advance, will undoubtedly increase the coefficient of the difficulties of action. Seen in this light, the laser-guided bullets to the all-powerful in the future on the battlefield, there is still a long way to go.


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