and at affordable prices 19

According to the Russian Navy , March 11, 2012 , according to the Russian defense industry representatives , Russia do not rely on the conventional air-independent propulsion (AIP) submarine tender.
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Ruby Design Bureau experts are on the future of Russian expectations of conventional Charney for the full-scale test of the AIP system . RIA Novosti reported , this type of AIP system in the submarine pressure hull has been the praise of the Navy Commander-in-Chief .

Air-independent propulsion (AIP) system has become the decisive factor of the tender in India , so the plan has a very important significance . Russia to develop air-independent propulsion (AIP) system is particularly important . We will create a power plant or to become the world’s conventional submarines leaders , or lose its user base in the global submarine market .

According to the needs of the Russian Navy , the submarine displacement of about 2000 tons , and equipped with tactical assault weapons , 4 – 6 launch tube , the AIP system , and at affordable prices 19 , the underwater speed and endurance of 45 days , the crew of 35 , equipped with 533mm torpedo tubes , and 18 no missile / torpedo / mine . (


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