Tahitian pearl

The pearl, the beautiful day becomes, has one kind of unique elegant demeanor, perfectly round mild, crystal clear clear gloss only, is having both loftily gentle, the auspicious tranquil breath, most can contrast feminine exquisite elegant one side,tahitian pearl
also no wonder French fashion highly respected person Anton Li ·

German Ali Austria Madame, in that given name calls “Gracefully” in the book, reminds these hopes to be forever splendid seriously the appropriate women: “the most ideal necklace, in society all jewelry most matches, in each woman’s wardrobe with each kind of clothing essential to match plays the part of – - is a pearl. Each women should have a pearl necklace.”Perhaps this view some absolutely, but after is not difficult sees the pearl “the gem”, the title is undisputable. 1. after “sea” “gem” The pearl besides evolves English name Pearl which by Latin Pernulo comes, its another name Margarite, grew by the ancient times Persia Pali comes, Italy was “the sea”.

As early as in the ancient times time, the primitive humanity looked for food when the seashore, had discovered had the colored halation pure white pearl, and crystal clear magnificent is attracted by it, since then the pearl has become the decorations which the people liked, and spreads until now,south sea pearl
became decorates own not two electing gracefully with the nous woman.

Pearl different luster (picture origin: “Chinese Gem”) 2. elects to your pearl color Pearl color except common white, but also has the black, the milk color, the light yellow, the bright rose color, the pink color and so on other lusters. The black pearl by its beautiful and rare is celebrated worldwide. Said that it is “black” the pearl is very easy to cause the human to have the misunderstanding, actually her true self is the silver or the silver-gray color, simultaneously will emit the cyan color or the bronze iridescence.

The pearl size and the luster wish appropriate match,freshwater pearl
needs to rest on your appearance and the skin color decided. If, your neck is generally speaking tall and slender, the most appropriate pearl necklace is very big, same pastes the neck design; If your neck is thick, then on Dai Chang a spot, necklace from thin to thick, moreover divides into several string. For safety, strings together the rope to hit a knot between each pearl.

However, these knots should be small, like this each pearl will only then tighten by in the same place, will unfold their gloss fully. But the skin yellow female, avoids wearing the golden color pearl as far as possible, the white is most suits. The colored language pearl hangs falls /Lily Rose The diameter in 8-10mm black, white, the golden tricolor bead and the diamond matches is refined and is luxurious, but actually does not make widely known, may match gentle nous US with the lining gloss feeling good true thing.

The Xian elegant pearl ear sews /Lily the Rose 29600 Yuan Tranquil lovable design neutral black pearl’s calm, has let this model of ear nail be suitable the age from 25 years old to extend to 40 years old, but to is slightly high with it matching clothing lining request.pearl factory Source pearl bracelet/vegetable hundred jewelry The black and white two colors are the unfailing matching model, the calyx design charming moving, with noble elegant nous female style appropriate match, even if the ordinary day matches the commuting attire to wear not.

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