Winter dog flu prevention

Winter cold weather, this period should focus on the management of the cold insulation to prevent the breathing. Attention to the cold heat, wind and rain as well as the movement was Kennel tide can be caused by cold temperature, etc., may also be secondary to severe bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory diseases, and so on pidiaoshencai pet transportation.

Effective measures to prevent the common cold is cold insulation, thicker mattresses, and the replacement of attention in a timely manner and maintain the dry, cold wind to prevent; warm day in fine weather, outdoor dogs to strengthen the movement to enhance the dog’s body to improve the anti-dog Ability to disease.

So that dogs can be not only the sun heating, the sun’s ultraviolet disinfection also the effectiveness of disinfection, and to promote the absorption of calcium, especially in favor of a puppy’s bone growth and development, to prevent the occurrence of rickets puppies.

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