Light bulbs

The consumer to conserved energy lamp’s transformation from the incandescent lamp is in 1990 end, to provided the transformation which in urban and the cities people the discount mechanism caused.

Those who attract the consumers is “moves toward the green”, realizes in the bill cost saving. However, this regarding many people not is a positive experience, for instance they hoped that the optical fiber changes dark, but conserves energy the lamp not to be able to adjust brightly through the regulator dark,Photo sources
conserves energy the lamp to include the few mercury, needs the handle properly deleterious substance.

Many light bulbs will be recycled and process properly, but the majority is buried the tipping site, this will cause the underground water contamination. Conserves energy lamp’s use rate to be very low, estimates only then about 11% family use in the US. Conserved energy the lamp technology in the past 5 years to improve greatly, but still did not have the most superior solution now. probably has 10,000,000,000 incandescent lightings at present, they consume approximately in the world 1/5 energy.

Along with current “moves toward the green” the ecology tendency, to save the energy, many people are seeking for the new way to save our Earth. The solar energy, the wind energy, hydro-energy and other renewable energy source electricity generation is constructing, uses for to substitute for the coal and the steam such hostile environment way.

in the following several years,Power building
the illumination profession will illuminate in the Ming Dynasty history to welcome for one critical moment, in the EU country, Canadian, Brazilian and US’s many states will take the measure to cause the incandescent lamp bulb gradually to withdraw from the market.

The American locality public utilities already started to introduce the led lamp drive plan, this will accelerate the led illumination to use the speed. These stimulation measure will make up the consumer to purchase the new style lamp’s high quota expense, it will probably be conserves energy the lamp cost five times.

Another saves the energy alternative scheme is consumes less energies through the intelligent grid and the intelligent system, when needs only then expended energy. Regarding the lighting system, the LED union intelligence sensor electric circuit looks like has the future method very much, may use for to solve the energy consumption high problem.

LED, or the solid state photo source (SSL) agreement, the energy consumption probably for the incandescent lamp 1/3, they are the more effective utilization energy way.

The manufacturer already had such solution. the Watt-sucking incandescent lamp still continued to lead the housing illumination landscape, although they are the low efficiency, moreover transforms a small part of energy is only the light. Other energy wasted through the coverglass as the quantity of heat and vanishes. Because, the incandescent lamp efficiency is very low, they many countries already started in the world to eliminate.

Australia and Venezuela will be in the leading position in the present stage, the US will start from 2012 through 2014 to begin this matter. Energy conservation lamp (CFL) already started to use, they saved the family to consume the power source 25%, but had less quantity of heats.hotel interior design
In fact, 120 W energy conservation lamps may send out the similar brightness with the 75W incandescent lamp the light. the semiconductor illuminates the (SSL) technology progress to cause commercial and the housing market LED lighting attachment increases rapidly.

The pledge life is long, the illumination effect is better, and conserves energy, these are the LED substitution incandescent lamp and conserve energy lamp’s primary factor. LED only needs to consume its senior incandescent lamp energy 1/3. It may use the intelligent sensor and the micro controller fully, brings the extra energy conservation and the economic interest truly, is true “green” technology. Has the expert anticipated, in present less than one year, the majority consumers can be willing to use LED to illuminate.

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