Comprehensive business

Plans newly  –The geographical superiority highlights sells field value under municipal government’s plan, south the liberation the road comprehensive business belt becomes Hexi District ‘ four area four belt eight great merit energy regions ‘ the important component, lives at the market area this to appear by the community form, forms one to live at business circle, bought in has lived at on industrial chain link’s each kind of brand to stream, the nearby resident plot rent also successively climbed, becomes lives at the product young merchant ‘ the gate shop ‘ the room, this in Tianjin was the phenomenon which was in sole possession. Certainly, at present most influential, when is the link Bohai Sea building materials center, the red star US triumphant dragon, the Pearl River decoration city and so on many brands sells the field.

If takes alone them has to the consumer not the small influence, much less the colony effect’s production, causes this region to set up the city municipal business center which into Tianjin plans with emphasis.Overseas enterprise’s
In the near future, the Pearl River friendship international will live at the shopping center project the construction, will urge this region function to further promote and the dilatancy without doubt.south liberates the road comprehensive business belt to be located at Hexi District, besides holds in Tianjin’s region superiority, it may not belittle similarly to the Binhai newly developed area’s radiating power.

In ‘ 25 ‘ planning period, the Tianjin Binhai strategy attracts the domestic and foreign numerous enterprises to move into abundance, Binhai newly developed area market unceasingly mature, has formed in the certain amount the high-end expense main force region,Financial crisis
Tianjin main road’s completion, reduced Hexi District greatly to the Binhai newly developed area distance, south the liberation the road has become connects the town center and the Binhai newly developed area key communication line, in addition the nearby high-end community Mei Jiang quarters’ good purchasing power, could manifest under the geographical superiority to live at business circle effect.

–Under the native place lives at sells the field breakthrough to encircle tightly to live at the profession along with Tianjin the development, the native place lives at sells the field brand to come home the shopkeeper field brand market in outside to besiege has not sat waiting for death, but utilized the superiority which was in sole possession to open the new management idea, take the big and complete management angle of view and the internationalization management pattern, strove for as the native place to live at sells the field brand to win the market, took international lives at the shopping center project by the native place investment in enterprise construction Pearl River friendship is born under this mentality. This project will divide into a place,Manufacturer relations
the B place, the C place three regions to carry on the plan:

A place for the high-end brand area which locates, screens the domestic and foreign well-known high-end brand to move into, making high quality expense; The B place transforms the construction part, the inherent resources superiority mutual conformity, including the Pearl River stone material base, Soviet rather electric appliance bead Jiangdian, the Tianjin light industry city and so on together composes occupies a land area of nearly 300,000 square meter Pearl River to live at the building materials base,Water illumination
makes the brand “one-stop” work style service the brand-new pattern; The C place will make in the future for the international decorative lighting reading extensively center.

According to the Pearl River friendship international lives at the project related person in charge to introduce that new old resources’ matching again, lets the sole sale become the synthesis sale originally, simultaneously collaborates the durable goods combination form contrast daily necessities combination form has the competitive power.

This person in charge also gave an example the introduction saying that each big supermarket was the typical daily necessities combination form,Beautiful illumination presents now many supermarkets open in the identical block even are the identical place, the radiation radius reduce gradually along with the supermarket crowded degree, facing expense speed quick daily necessities market, supermarket competition it can be imagined. But regarding the durable goods market,

is because the expense use causes the expense speed, the high-end brand sells the field to live at the thing to belong to the durable product not to need to replace frequently, the Pearl River friendship lives at uses the product necessary form, effective conformity A, B, C place resources, both saved consumer’s effective time buying and to promote the high-end brand to sell the field the comprehensive competitive power.

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