Special classification

Launch   The launch is one kind of common natural phenomenon, the ray which the sun four shoot is the launch. The launch has the direction regularity, the launching center for the most important visual focus, all images are centralized to the center, or by central dispersing,work mission
sometimes may create optics person or household who refuses to move and bargains for unreasonably high compensation when the land is requisitioned for a construction project, will have the detonation feeling, will have the intense visual effect.

Launch classification:   1. central point launch: From the center outward or concentrates from outside to inside launch.   2. screw type launch: The spiral fundamental mode circle’s arrangement way has carried on, the circle primitive form expands gradually forms the screw type launch.   3. concentric launch: The concentric launch is a focal point is a center, layer upon layer surrounds the launch, like target graph.

Special   Special is refers to the integrant part to have in the order relations, intends to violate the order, causes the minority individual essential factor appears prominent, breaks the regularity.

Special classification:

1. shape peculiarity: In many redundant or approximate primitive form, has a small part of special shape, forms the difference contrast, becomes in the picture the visual focus.

2. size peculiarity: In the same primitive form’s constitution, only makes a special contrast in the size, but should pay attention to the primitive form special to be moderate in the size, do not contrast too disparate or is too similar.

3. color peculiarity: In the similar color constitution, advances certain contrast ingredient, breaks monotonously.

4. direction peculiarity: The majority fundamental modes have the order arrangement, in the direction consistent, the minority primitive form has the change in the direction to form specially the effect.

5. skin texture peculiarity: In the same skin texture sense of reality, creates the different skin texture change.


The contrast sometimes is in the shape contrast, sometimes is the color and the sense of reality contrast. The contrast may have, the affirmation, the intense visual effect bright, for human profound impression. Has filled the contrast in the nature, the world, Lu Hai, the red flowers and green leaves is the contrast phenomenon. Constitution contrast relations, including: Size, light and shade,information construction
sharp obtuse, weight and so on.   Contrast classification:

1. shape contrast: Completely different shape, no doubt has certain contrast, but should pay attention to the unified feeling.

2. size contrast: The shape is different in the picture area size, the line length different forms contrast.

3. color contrast: Because the color the appearance, the light and shade, the shade, the changes in temperature different produce contrast.

4. skin texture contrast: The different skin texture felt, like thick thin, smooth, the texture concave-convex feeling different produces contrast.

5. position contrast: In the picture the shape position is different, like high and low, about, the high low status different position produces contrast.

6. center of gravity contrast: The center of gravity stable, unstable, the weight feeling different produces contrast.

7. spatial contrast: In the plane positive and negative, the chart bottom, far and near and around the feeling produces contrast.

8. actual situation contrast: In the picture has the true feelings graph to call that it solid, the space is empty, the empty place mostly is a bottom.

What needs to pay attention: In the contrast use,hotel interior design
requests the unified associative perception, visual essential factor various aspects to have the certainly total tendency, some key point, contrasts mutually. If everywhere contrasts, instead cannot emphasize the contrast factor.

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