electric circuit

Exhibition pin seal. Inserts installs one of seals, its bottom surface’s vertical pin assumes the exhibition shape arrangement. The seal parent metal basically uses the multi-layered ceramic integrated circuit porcelain foundation plate. In had not expressed specially in the material name’s situation, most is ceramic PGA, uses in the high speed large-scale logical LSI electric circuit.

The cost is high. The pin center distance usually is 2.54mm, the pin number from 64 to 447 about. To reduce the cost, the seal parent metal available glass epoxy resin printing foundation plate replaces. Also has 64~256 pin plastic PG A. Moreover, but also one kind of pin center distance is the 1.27mm short pin surface pastes installs PGA (to bump welds PGA). (sees surface to paste installs PGA). 40th, piggy back   Animal transport seal. The assignment has plug’s ceramic packaging, the shape closes with DIP, QFP, QFN is similar.current magnification
When the development has microcomputer’s equipment uses in the evaluation program confirmation operation. For example, carries on the EPROM insertion plug the debugging. Is this kind of seal basically decides the product, how in the market not circulates. 41st, PLCC

(plastic leaded chip carrier)   Brings the lead wire plastic chip carrier. The surface pastes installs one of seals. The pin draws out from the seal four sides, assumes the T-shape, is the plastic products. The American Texas Instrument Company first and 256kDRAM uses in 64k in position DRAM, now already popularized uses in logical LSI, DLD (or regulation logic component) and so on electric circuits. Pin center distance 1.27mm, pin number from 18 to 84.

The J shape pin is not easy to distort, is easier than QFP to operate, but after welding the viewing test is more difficult. PLCC and LCC (also call QFN) similarly. Before, both’s difference only lay in the former to use the plastic, the latter used the ceramics.current refers
But already presented the J shape pin seal which and with the plastic manufacture non-pin seal now manufactures with the ceramics (mark for plastic LCC, PC LP, P – LCC and so on), was already unable to distinguish. Therefore, the Japanese electron mechanical industry association decided in 1988 that draws out the J shape pin from four sides the seal to be called QFJ, has the electrode salient point seal in four sides to be called QFN (to see QFJ and QFN).

Four side I shape pin flat packaging. The surface pastes installs one of seals. The pin from seals four sides to draw out, assumes I character downward. Is also called MSP (to see MSP). Pastes installs with prints the foundation plate to carry on bumps welds the connection. Because the pin not outshot, pastes installs the occupied area is smaller than QFP. The Hitachi manufacture behavior video frequency simulated IC to develop and uses this kind to seal. In addition, Japan’s Motorola Corporation’s PLL IC has also used this kind of seal. Pin center distance 1.27mm, pin number from 18 in 68. 45th, QFJ

(quad flat J-leaded package)  hotel interior design Four lean the J shape pin flat packaging. The surface pastes installs one of seals. The pin from seals four sides to draw out, assumes the J glyph downward. Is name which the Japanese electron mechanical industry association stipulated. Pin center distance 1.27mm.

The material has the plastic and the ceramic two kinds. The plastic QFJ most situations are called PLCC (to see PLCC), uses in electric circuits and so on microcomputer, gate exhibition, DRAM, ASSP, OTP. Pin number from 18 to 84.   Ceramic QFJ is also called CLCC, JLCC (to see CLCC). Has the window seal to use in ultraviolet ray cleaning EPROM as well as to have the EPROM microcomputer chip electric circuit. Pin number from 32 to 84.

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