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Scotland Celts has the unique marriage vulgar culture. For instance at the wedding ceremony, the bride and the bridegroom tears down their plaid separately, is in the same place, symbolizes two family unions; In May or in the moon by the circle gradually the owing time marriage is inauspicious. The Celts common custom is, in the wedding ceremony the bride and the bridegroom must wear the respective family the checked woolens, the bridegroom want to wear the wool leather bag and the double edge stiletto.bright satin
The bride in buckles in the eye to insert a bunch of Chinese photinia flower expression to be lucky.

The bagpipe plays the melodious bagpipe music to greet the guest, then plays the bagpipe to invite the bride and her father again attends the wedding ceremony ceremony. On evening hold social gathering, the people may the revelry, until play the wedding ceremony marching song heartily, all only then announced finish. Anvil pastor Ge Turner Grimm the prosperous marriage registration service led on the small town trade activity, the residents for the lovers who went to marry has provided the hotel, the hotel and the wagon service.

At that time the most renowned marital registrant was in the town a senior blacksmith. The blacksmith and pastor originally are the occupations which has nothing to do with one another, but its work actually has wonder the equally good results from different methods.bride’s home
The blacksmith must two pig iron heats, place on the anvil to strike in the same place, but pastor is reconciles two people a family. Therefore, uses the senior blacksmith hammering the anvil regards the church the chancel to hold the wedding ceremony for the new person, becomes the excellent creativity. Henceforth, “the anvil wedding ceremony” has helped a right new person. The people said that this senior blacksmith is “anvil pastor”, but that anvil also becomes “luckily zhen”.

Retired when to 1962, “anvil pastor” has altogether presided over 5147 pair of new person’s wedding ceremonies.

Marries daily Now the time already changes, but Ge the Turner Grimm’s wedding ceremony custom still retains. Every year had more than 4000 arrives at Ge Turner Grimm to the lover from the world to marry, occupied the Scotland marriage 13%, certainly married the human mostly no longer was eloping. In addition, also has more than 70 ten thousand tourists to come this feeling original taste and flavor every year “Ge Turner the Grimm type wedding ceremony”.

Therefore, on the small town is lingering daily the moving bagpipe sound, prays for heavenly blessing all world feeling emotion person to become the family member finally! Ge Turner Grimm type wedding ceremony Scotland small town Ge Turner Grimm, is a very commonplace place, but because it actually the unique wedding serves but broadcasts far in Scotland and even the world reputation.

The bridegroom greets the bride, except requests to open the door the red package, the bridegroom must rush to the layered test which bravely the sisters roll, proved that takes new bride’s other half sharp-eyed. But, these passes, how many bridegroom can you rush to?hotel interior design Loving it and everything that comes along with it Loves her words, can love her all naturally, including her all relatives and friends relatives and friends. Looked at bridal and relative’s group photo to the bridegroom that has a look at him to be able to recognize bridal how many relatives!

Not loses not looks The groom, must certainly achieve the perfect score for the new bride. May pour into one pot 355ml only to be able happily to be filled with the 400ml water in the cup, then wants the bridegroom to take the cup, arrives at the downstairs from the new maternal home medium-distance running staircase, runs back the gate before again, and wanted in his hand’s cup still to have 350ml to be possible to be happy at least, how many have a look at him also to be left over to be possible finally to be happy?

The sentiment pulls one Bridegroom and bride’s other half whether to be an intermediary by the month grandmother on mother’s side? Nobody can know. But the bridegroom for beloved her, is certainly willing to kiss the strength to kiss is, even if in three minutes, a line alternates at one go in sends on the foam rubber in nine needle’s pinholes, is willing for her to work.

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