possible ingeniously

Wears the jewelry to coordinate in own build characteristic to have is fastidious, chooses the jewelry even to be possible ingeniously to cover the awkwardness which the stature brings insufficient. Obese Stature stubby, extremely fat, neck comparatively obviously short.ideal design
Wears when the jewelry should make every effort to weaken the bodily both sides.

Therefore, the earring, the ring, the bangle and so on suitable choice tone is gloomy, the modelling is succinct. The rubber person’s arm and the skill are inevitably quite thick fat, the bangle or the bracelet elect suitably wide and extravagant, if has worn thin and small, will set off the arm to be thicker. The fat person’s hand finger is generally speaking short and is flat, therefore chooses Dai Zhaibian the ring suitably.

This kind of build appears frail, emaciated, the neck is tall and slender. Therefore chooses jewelry’s principle is central superficial, but both sides brilliance. In order to cause the neck appears short, the necklace with hangs falls chooses tiny and succinct suitably, and not suitable has been long. The earring, the ring, the bangle and so on suitable selection is more magnificent some.

If binaural wears has hangs slightly in a big way plays the part of the area to swing the link, wrist department Dai Youshao the thick bangle,pattern design
then may cause binaural, the double arm and the hand seizes the person eye to cause the human to think that is not too thin. Short This build’s person chooses jewelry’s principle is wears away the rock with water, dilutes the unyielding addition slender and delicate feeling. The necklace elects tall and slender suitably succinct, should better hang with the elegantly simple pearl falls the appropriate match, as for the earring, the ring should thick thin appropriate, makes one think you excessively thickly to be short and stout, crosses the regulation not to be also symmetric with it thick finger.

How wears is US, how or can fully coordinated builds the human and the jewelry one kind of most beautiful boundary, human who is each has the jewelry hoped knew matter.

Must produce this kind “US”, following several aspect wearing needs to pay attention.

Jewellery ornaments and environment coordination   Here environment is situation, professional custom the factor and so on refers to the wearing individuality and wears syntheses.

The individuality is lively, but the personality irritable easy to impulse the human, is not generally suitable wears the bright red series the jewelry, like ruby, red agate and so on, because like this will strengthen “irritablily” this kindIndividuality characteristic. On the contrary, wears some cool-colored series the jewelry like jadeite, the sapphire, the grandmother to be green,hotel interior design the olivine and so on, will be helpful to the well distributed balanced individuality extremeness.

Individuality steady or quite introverted female, wears some bright color series the jewellery ornaments, is advantageous in builds a livelier upward image, like makes by the ruby hangs falls, the earring, the diamond series jewelry and so on.

In some for the grand party situation, like the party, the wedding banquet or the special meeting, may wear the bright color series, the modelling magnificent unique jewelry generally. If partner diamond ruby ring, viridis jadeite earring, modelling prominent diamond coverall and so on.

But in the daytime ordinary working conditions, wears the big bright color series the jewelry, had the flavor which exaggerated and shows off. This time wears some face pigment to be static, the modelling elegant simple cool color series gem jewelry, is suitable, like the sapphire hangs falls, the amethyst ring and so on.

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