technical support

(4) the volume is exquisite, the handsome appearance, the use is simple.   Because the compact fluorescent lamp has teaches the high power termination,technical support
therefore its volume exquisite artistic, also has teaches the good decoration to do uses. The integration conserves energy lamp’s lamp holder specification exploitation conditions and the ordinary light bulb basic same, therefore may replace the ordinary light bulb use directly, its market absorption capacity is huge, easy to promote the application.

May say that the compact fluorescent lamp has concentrated the daylight lamp electricity saving, the long life and the incandescent lamp volume are small, the coloration is good, the use simple and so on merits are a body, has no qualms is the modern interior lighting typical photo source, becomes the international green lighting source to live the recommendation product, has the giant potential market and the prospects for development.   How to choose and the reasonable use compact fluorescent lamp:

(1) chooses conforms to the photo source characteristic lamps and lanterns, if uses in the ceiling inserting lamps and lanterns being supposed massively to have the good light index of reflection, moreover radiates is friends with well ventilated, chimney’s reflector curvature caliber and the depth must with the energy conservation lamp match, conserve energy the lamp not to be suitable generally in adjusting the light lamps and lanterns, is not suitable in being smallVolume enclosed type lamps and lanterns, also cannot use in easily by Shui Pendao place.

(2) the power supply flutter scope should conform to our country city network voltage fluctuation <+10 requests, the individual area voltage hunting is too big, to will conserve energy lamp’s performance to have the very tremendous influence.

Those who conserve energy the lamp to refer to is uses the rare earth three primary color luminous powder the energy conservation lamps and lanterns which becomes for raw material development, (it uses electronic rectifier actuation generally).

At present, the lamp entered a recent development phase with the rare earth three primary color luminous powder’s application, the energy conservation photo source trend of development is the photo source geometry size more does is smaller, the light effect more does is higher, by the few electrical energies,demonstration design
obtains the highest luminous flux. A 7 tile’s three primary color energy conservation lamp brightness is equal to a 45 tile incandescent lamp, but the life is ordinary incandescent lamp bulb’s 8 times.

However, in the practical life, many people to conserves energy lamp’s impression to be actually getting more and more bad, namely the people usually said that “the province electricity does not economize”. Some so-called energy conservation lamp, just started to use brightness to be also good, soon slowly is dark down, moreover the life is short, like this calculated down instead was inferior does not need to conserve energy the lamp to come worthwhile.

Its reason is: These people possibly used the fake and shoddy energy conservation lamp. Because, really has some manufacturers to flaunt is conserving energy lamp’s banner, replaces the rare earth three primary color luminous powder with the halogen powder, produces ” Halogen powder lamp ” (attention: The three basics toner’s price is halogen powder 30 times), caters to low-grade by it, low end market.

It is estimated that every year flows in the market the halogen powder lamp probably to account for the market sale total about 70%.hotel interior design Not only this has harmed consumer’s benefit, has attacked the responsible producer’s enthusiasm, also gives ” The green illuminates ” The promotion has brought the negative influence, causes the general consumers to be very difficult minute clear anything is the true energy conservation fluorescent lamp.

The test data indicated that the halogen powder lamp simply cannot enter the market as the commodity. A 9 tile’s halogen powder lamp, after the test, zero hour luminous flux is only 323 lumina, the colored index is only 65. 100 hour light fades reaches as high as 23%, namely the initial luminous flux is 248 lumina, according to the national standards determination, the effective life is zero.

According to the national standards, compact energy conservation fluorescent lamp 2000 hour light passes the maintenance rate not to be able to be lower than 78%. But a high quality energy conservation lamp, the initial luminous flux reaches 560 lumina, to 10,000 hours, still maintained the luminous flux is 431 lumina.

Because lacks this aspect the specialized knowledge, often does not understand ” The light fades ” The principle, is mistaken ” Also the bright lamp will be still good ” . Actually a 9 tile energy conservation lamp, lights one, 200 hours later, it consumes the electricity was still 9 tiles, but brightness actually can only be equal to 3 tiles. But because is gets down darkly slowly, people’s naked eye looks up with difficulty thinks.

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