conservation lamp

Analysis: Tertiary pressure when? Three primary color luminous powder rise in prices after the rare earth rises dramatically, truly is conserves energy the lamp industry chain “the big earthquake”. But some LED factory indicated that the luminous powder rose in prices only further promoted the LED light bulb replace tradition photo source advancement.

Although the present LED light bulb price is high, just like but the same year incandescent lamp bulb only needed several dollars,conservation lamp
but conserved energy the lamp product to need several 20 dollars, but the majority of consumers gradually will still choose the energy conservation lamp to be the same, the present LED light bulb was opposite in the price gradually the long energy conservation lamp says, was similar to repeats conserves energy the lamp and incandescent lamp bulb’s replace process.

From the rare earth rises in prices, is the opportunity is also challenges. Taking advantage of this rare earth rising in prices crisis, conserves energy the lamp enterprise to be possible to carry on the industrial chain conformity, eliminates these not to have the core competitiveness, to lack the proprietary intellectual property rights the enterprise;

Further promotion conserves energy lamp’s national standards, enhances the energy conservation lamp profession the threshold,energy lamp’s
realizes the market purification. But after LED conserves energy lamp’s new generation photo source, the market gradual growth, is fighting in one place after another the LED illumination domain is also conserves energy the lamp enterprise to be good chooses. No matter this is suitable regarding the factory or the businesses.

Moreover, on August 3, the Jiangxi Ganzhou rare earth market purity is 99.9% yttrium oxide selling prices is 400,000 Yuan/tons, the oxidized cerium price is 165,000 Yuan/tons, but one month ago, their maximum valency has respectively amounted to 500,000 Yuan/ton and 230,000 Yuan/tons. This may also say that is the present domestic rare earth price entire line falls a miniature.

But the real estate regulative policy affects the profession situation most important factor. According to the people’s net reported that “not yet determined, what but may be affirmative will be limits purchases in the year not to cancel.”In view of constructs to draft newly round limits purchases the urban name list view, lives constructs an official to indicate that in the second half of the year the policy relaxes the possibility does not have nearly.

Therefore,LED photo source the government only possibly enlarges in the policy carries out dynamics, the partial businesses expected that in the second half of the year the real estate market declined urges the profession return to warmer weather the probability estimate is miniscule. But the Universiade period control construction project construction’s measure brings the influence is throughout gradual, some parts of businesses also indicated that perhaps crossed in August, instead will bring the new round growth.

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