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For transfer cost rise pressure, since this year, regardless of being the sporting goods enterprise, the family spins, the men’s clothing as well as the leisure clothing enterprise, raised the price already became at an its meeting for the placement of orders’s key word,fashionable peak
also became the important attribute which some textile clothing enterprise achievement depended grows. But industry in also worried that the price rise has certainly certainly to the sales volume squeezes out the effect, raises the price the impetus which grows to the profession sales volume also with difficulty for a long time to continue.

The sports brand rises in prices together The Li Ning Company announced the other day that the Li Ning brand in 2011 in the fourth quarter the new product meeting for the placement of orders has ended in June, at the meeting for the placement of orders determined the order form amount grows compared to the same period according to the retail price computation surpasses 5%, the clothing and the shoes product average retail sales fixed price grows surpasses 10%.

Other domestic product sporting goods brand like An Ta, especially step, gram and 361 degrees and so on meetings for the placement of orders also spread rise in prices the news, rises including the athletic shoes and clothing’s product average price 10-20%.through presents
Sporting goods enterprise related people in charge indicated that because the shoes clothing product renewal is quick, at the meeting for the placement of orders promotes is the new product, can only say, because the synthesis cost rise urges the new product price to have the adjustment, but the company old funds product present selling price has not changed. This person in charge also said that this sports brand shoes clothing collective rises in prices the reason contains many aspects:

First, including raw material, labor cost product cost rise; Second, the cost of operation increases, the terminal shop rent rises largely; Moreover, stemming from the adjustment product mix and the promotion brand value’s consideration, various enterprises is big regarding the new product’s research and development and the design investment.

As the labor-intensive form profession, the sports brand is more sensitive to labor cost’s change. Since last year, national multi-provinces and cities announced many times raises the minimum wage standard, but was still difficult the solution “to recruit workers difficultly” the question, various enterprises’ employing labor cost also therefore rapidly promotes.Dina international
At the same time, including the cotton, the cotton yarn raw material price’s top digit movement also becomes urges the clothing private costs rise the primary factor.

Guang Fa negotiable securities (000776) Ma Tao pointed out that raw material cost, the manpower cost and the commercial real estate hasten the gate shop rent cost rise which the tropics come, the enterprise can only through raise the price shift, but the shop rent rise is the principal means.

At present the domestic movement clothing is in the mature period, both has Adidasi, Nike and so on international brand channel submersion, the price impact influence, and receives the labor cost and the shop rent rise pressure, will therefore raise the price excessively will be inevitable will suppress the terminal demand.

The Li Ning Company then pointed out that in the fourth quarter clothing and the shoes product volume of order drop ratio approximately is the high number of units, style=”color: #333333; text-decoration:none;”Mover Company the company estimated the whole sales revenue drops about compared to the same period in the first half of the year 5%. Another sports brand China trend also estimated that in the first half of the year the income drops approximately 45% compared to the same period.

Or suppresses the sales volume to grow In fact, besides the sporting goods profession, since this year, the cost inches higher the rise in price which brings in other textile clothing enterprise’s terminal retail price also to be able to manifest comprehensively.

Regardless of being the brand spins the enterprise, the men’s clothing brand, the leisure clothing enterprise, raised the price already became at an its fall winter meeting for the placement of orders’s key word, also became the important attribute which some enterprise achievement depended grows. The trust date stock (002083) estimate belongs to the first half of the year in to be listed shareholder’s net profit grows compared to the same period 50%-80%, the market share expands as well as the product selling price enhancement is the substantial clause unceasingly.

Some men’s clothing brand enterprise people in charge were also honest, raise the price already became the entire profession common phenomenon, since last year the men’s clothing brand has raised the price generally 10-20%, at present the company sells in the growth 2/3 to come from rises in prices, 1/3 come from the quantity growth. Ministry of Finance indicated the other day, authorizes the unified clothing department by the State Council in 2011 to supply the clothing variety the purchasing price, may enhance 25% according to 2008 purchasing price level.

Ministry of Finance pointed out that since 2010, the international finance crisis and the bloating pressure’s influence, raw materials and the fuel rise in price scope and so on domestic market’s petroleum, cotton, wool has been big, simultaneously enterprise’s labor cost and the managed cost also have the great scope enhancement, causes the unification clothing department’s clothing purchasing price to grow quickly.

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