Pruning – an important step up dog

Beauty – let dogs to become the spokesman for the trend

Let the dogs become the trend spokesman, pruning But an element of one of the important, because superb pruning techniques can come out of their advantages. We often see on television variety lady dog hair was trimmed into a sheep-shaped, the lion-shaped, very cute. To the dog to make different shapes, so that precious pet care more easily, they would also change the appearance of a more self-confidence, more pleasing.

The mirror is on the desire of small guy called cappuccino, which the pet shop but a star. If it were not for it alive, chances are you really think that it is a plush toy bear it. In fact, looking elegant, handsome physique it is a so-called “Teddy Bear” red VIP dog. First, in order to allow Cappuccino look more like teddy bears, beauticians can be a lot of effort, every day care to help shape it. Of course, each species of dogs have been pruned into what are very sophisticated modeling. (Interview with Li Xinghua pet beautician competitions are generally divided into two types of pets and pet-oriented type, then sometimes the guests will be asked what I would like to how to how to place on the basis of work experience beautician he would design a very beautiful like to meet the needs of customers but if it is race-based model, there must be a)

The modeling is being done on the handsome Schnauzer is not an ordinary dog, but specifically to participate in the competition, so it was not the same as the natural treatment. (Interview with Li Xinghua pet beautician competitions it is the dog used to do it every week have to be a tidying-finishing every week for a week because it did not organize clutter gross out more on the president for a week (not finishing) more not dealt with)

To pet salons haircuts in the “regular” There Schnauzer, Poodle, Yorkshire can be cards, if not beauty, they will tie gorgeous long-haired and beautiful will be greatly discounted. Beauty can be done only “good enough 100 points,” Love everyone. With their stroll around, let everyone “amazing”, so that pet parents face full. Today, Miss Sun on with their baby to do a modeling. (Miss Sun interview here that it is spread very thinly shaved them all here a long time looks very strange looks not the kind of spirit is very sloppy feel good to dogs can not give it a bath every day to do a clean can not take a bath every day, so it is the only way is trouble as far as possible to cut short hair does not affect the appearance in the case of the shorter hair cut)

Every summer season, pet shops, “haircuts” business has always been very prosperous, a long-haired pet cut the hair, can suddenly relaxed many cool. But the dog owner to the dog, “Hair” when, nor arbitrary. (Interview pet beautician Jiang summer dog owner would like to shave he felt hot dog dog itself physically you do not sweat it would shave it or heat it only the mouth and the soles of the feet have sweat glands so you have to stay a little hair to protect it otherwise it will be what will be mosquito bites East Ciza to it is a kind of injury)

There will always be pet owners want their dogs have a type, to beautiful, but sometimes they put forward some outrageous demands, but also makes pet beauticians are dumbfounding. (Interview pet beautician Jiang They always like to say to the eyes (near) the hair cut it short so very refreshing feeling is not correct that a certain angle to stay hot as we often wear a hat that dogs What ah it is gross and must therefore be set aside to give it a little hair covered ultraviolet peace so do not cut too short)

Once the “image design” beauty salon out of the dog who has a brand new feeling. Waiting outside the main people have seen their “baby” changed, how can upset? (An interview with Miss Sun has never done anything for the beauty of beauty is different from the feeling of the morning to the hair when it is of great confusion tie a knot in some places may have been done about it over and over on the makeup like human beings will feel the spirit)

Of course, after beauty, brilliant, and dogs will naturally be a very, very uncomfortable. (An interview with Miss Guo has just begun (Beauty) will feel that when finished will be very nervous but feel very comfortable home is very excited to run around or rolling)

Who says dogs will not be the realm of perfection? To do a trick popular, attractive, handsome dog, it would make it more beauty, doing fitness, and maintain a good build it.

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